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South African Development Community (SADC)
Official forms and documents
While some of the forms listed here are available for download, all forms are available at the South African High Commission's Accra Office.

Please note that all the documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 7.0 or higher
Travel Documents
Application for a passport or travel document : BI-73
Determination of citizenship status : BI-529E
Application for a certificate of naturalisation : BI-63
Application for resumption of SA citizenship : BI-175
Application for retention of SA citizenship : BI-1664
Application for exemption in regard to the loss of SA citizenship [26(4)] : BI-1666
Application for a birth certificate : BI-154
Late registration of birth - Affidavit : BI-288
Application for marriage certificate : BI-130
Consent to marriage of a minor : BI-32
Declaration for the purpose of marriage : BI-31
Application for death certificate : BI-132
Application for an amendment : BI-526E
Application for amendment of birth registration of a child born out of wedlock : BI-59
Application for insertion of natural father's particulars in the birth register of child : BI-1682
Application for alteration of forenames : BI-85
Application for alteration of surname of minor : BI-193
Application for authority (to change surname of a major) : BI-196
Application for a visa : BI-84
Temporary Residence
Application for temporary residence permit : BI-1738
Application for renewal of existing permit : BI-1739
Application for change of conditions on existing permit or change of status : BI-1740
Permanent Residence
Application for permanent residence permit : BI-947
Power of attorney in respect of an application/extension of (an) immigration permit(s) or temporary residence : BI-29E
High Commissioner
H.E. L Xingwana

Head of Mission
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