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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the sixth largest supplier of oil to South Africa (RSA). It is our largest export partner in the Middle East. South Africa remains an important source of goods for the Unite Arab Emirates. We export Metals & Base Metals, Aluminium, Fresh Produce, Diamonds, Construction Related Materials, Machinery, Mechanical Appliances and Prepared Foodstuffs to the UAE. Our trade is valued at $3 billion (approximately R30 billion).

The UAE’s Gross Domestic Product growth rate is more than 4% with a forecast of 4.2% for 2013. Its infrastructure continues to grow at phenomenal speed. With a well coordinated effort between the South African government and the South African business community the excellent opportunities available in the UAE could be positively utilised to increase trade between the two countries to an even higher level.
At the political level the two countries continue to enjoy a cordial relationship. Since 1995 when diplomatic relations were established between the two countries official visits have taken place at Heads of States and Ministerial levels.The two countries have entered into a number of bilateral agreements and we hope to conclude a number of new agreements in the near future.

There is a big community of South African expats who are mainly skilled and bring a valuable contribution to UAE. This enhances people to people interaction between citizens. We see the expats as ambassadors for South Africa and hope to interact with them to continue to fly the South African flag in the UAE.

As the South African cliché goes, UAE is a land of possibilities for us. During my tenure, I hope to grow trade between the two countries, heighten our political relations, increase volumes of tourism to South Africa and enhance people to people relations.

H E Mr M K Lekgoro
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