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Mandela Day

Trade and Investment South Africa (TISA)

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About The Embassy
Address  : South African Embassy
Corner Airport Road
25th Street
Mobile: Duty Officer - after hours: (+)971 50 622 4291

Please note that the Duty Officer is only available to take calls relating to emergency situations (serious illness/accidents and death) involving South African citizens only. The Duty officer will not take general enquiry calls.
Tel   : + 971 02 4473 446
Tel Trade related matters only : + 971 4 370-9901
Ambassodor  : M K Lekgoro
Political Section 
Counsellor : Kevin Oosthuizen
E-mail :


Administrative Section
Corporate Service Manager : Phillimon Molaiwa
E-mail  :


Civic & Immigration Section
Consul  : O Dimati (Ms)
E-mail  :


Trade Section  
Consul  : Sudhir Mannie
E-mail :


Marketing Officer : Sidharth Mehta
E-mail :


Consular/Public Hours
Sunday  - Thursday   : 08h30 to 12h30
Business Hours
Sunday  - Thursday  : 08h00 to 16h00
Public Holidays 2017

South African Holidays

01 January        : New Year’s day
16 -17 April       : Easter Weekend 2 days
27 April             : Freedom day
25 December     : Christmas day
26 December     : Day of Goodwill

United Arab Emirates Holidays

25 June            : Eid Al Fitr
26 June            : Eid Al Fitr
31 August         : Arafat Day
03 September   : Eid Al Adha
30 November    : Marty’s day
03 December    : UAE National day

H E Mr M K Lekgoro
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