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Do not download any of the forms below without first reviewing the corresponding information provided with the relevant forms.
Civic Services downloadable forms Form
Application for a Passport BI-73
Determination of citizenship status BI-529
Application for retention of South African citizenship BI-1664
Application for Section 26(4) exemption BI-1666
Application for birth certificate BI-154
Application for marriage certificate BI-130
Application for death certificate BI-132
Application for amendment of birth registration of child born out of wedlock BI-59
Application for insertion of natural father's particulars in the birth register of child BI-1682
Application for alteration of forenames BI-85
Application for alteration of surname of minor BI-193
Application for authority (to change surname of a major) BI-196
Immigration fee Schedule Form
Application for a visa BI-84
Application for all Temporary residence permits (Study permits, work permits, exchange permits etc.) BI-1738
Medical Certificate BI-811
Radiological Certificate BI-806
Application for Permanent residence permit BI-947
H.E. MS Shogole
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