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BI-1738 – Temporary residence application
BI-1738 - Work Permits, Study Permits, Exchange Permits, Retired Persons’ Permits, Relatives’ Permits, Medical Treatment Permits

Who qualifies for this Permit

In terms of the Immigration Act (Act no 13 of 2002) as amended, all foreigners who wish to work/reside in South Africa must be in possession of a valid permit issued in terms of the Act.

In terms of this Act there are different types of permits with their own unique requirements and conditions. It is recommended that clients review the application form for Temporary Residence to determine which permit might suit the candidate.

A work permit is the acceptable norm where one company makes an employment offer to a private individual. However, clients are not restricted to this permit, provided they can meet the requirements of the work permit that is chosen.


The requirements are dependent on the type of work permit. For example, if clients wish to apply for a General work permit, then they will be expected to meet all requirements listed under Part A and Part F of form BI-1738.
H.E. MS Shogole
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