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The Republic of South Africa is situated at the southern top of Africa, famously known as "A World in One Country". It boasts a cosmopolitan society and diverse geography. It is one of the world's fastest-growing tourism destinations. In South Africa are found the worlds' strangest and most dramatic landscapes. A unique wealth of animal and plant life, a treasure collection of diamonds and other minerals, and a kaleidoscope of fascinating cultures.

The wind, sun, ice and rain have worked a special magic in the landscape. There are extremes of deserts, mediterranean, mountains (snow covered sometimes), grasslands, high forests and tropical mangrove swamps. Within these climatic zones, Earth's most diverse plant population thrives, South Africa is also home to big game, a host of beautiful birds, which thrive on vast range of habitats and foods that nature has preserved for them.

South Africa's key conference industry is becoming more popular in the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) fraternity. This is because of its stunning venues, professional service, a range of diverse exciting attractions just waiting to be explored and the excellent infrastructure.

South Africa has also an excellent transport system. Although it may be far from the Middle East, it is only one night’s sleep away with no jet lag.
Travel by bus is both safe and efficient linking the major cities. It provides time for tourists to appreciate the beautiful view of nature and culture of South Africa.
Rental car agencies are situated at most airports.

Tourism between South Africa and the UAE

For Emiratis and expatriates living in the UAE, South Africa boasts an ideal climate, extraordinary scenic beauty, cultural diversity and unparalleled eco-tourism.

South Africa has a seasonal advantage because the beautiful temperate sunny summer coincides with the local winter. In the hot summer months in the UAE, South Africa’s moderate winter offers an ideal escape. In fact, South Africa is beautiful and lively throughout the whole year.

South Africa is a safe country to visit. However, visitors are advised to take the same precautions as elsewhere in the world.

A world in one country!!

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