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A foreigner, who intends to receive medical treatment in the Republic of South Africa for a period exceeding three (3) months, may be issued with a medical treatment visa. The following documentation must be submitted in respect of each person applying for a medical treatment visa:
  • a fully completed application form, including two (2) passport photographs (see Form BI-1738);
  • a passport valid for no less than thirty (30) days after departure from the Republic of South Africa, and containing at least two (2) blank pages for endorsements;
  • a letter from the applicant’s medical practitioner or medical institution indicating the reasons for and the period and details of the treatment in the Republic of South Africa confirming
    (i) the space is available at the medical institution
    (ii) the estimated cost of the treatment;
    (iii) whether or not the disease or ailment is treatable or curable ;
    (iv) the treatment schedule; and
  • details of the person or institution responsible for the medical expenses and hospital fees, provided that in a case where the applicant’s medical scheme or employer is not liable for expenses incurred, proof of financial means or medical cover shall be submitted;
  • particulars of the persons accompanying the applicant;
  • a yellow fever vaccination certificate, if the applicant travelled or intends travelling from or through a yellow fever endemic area: provided that the certificate shall not be required when the applicant travelled or intends travelling in direct transit through such area;
  • proof of a valid return flight
  • proof of sufficient financial means, which shall be in the form of:
    a) bank statements
    b) cash available, including travellers' cheques;
    c) undertaking supported by, where necessary, bank statements or salary advices, by the host in the Republic accepting responsibility for the costs related to the maintenance and removal of the applicant, should this be necessary;

  • confirmation of the applicant’s valid mobile phone number and email address;
  • the non-refundable application fee of 6600 KZT
Payment of the above-mentioned application fee to be made through a bank transfer to the following account :

Bank details:
Beneficiary name : South African Embassy in Kazakhstan
Bank Name : JSC SB “RBS (Kazakhstan)” Astana Branch
Address : Astana, Kazakhstan 010000       
6/1, Kabanbay batyr av.
BIN  : 040150020673
TRN : 600400527301
Iban Number : KZ81922KZT0002225697 
Currency : KZT
Code of payment purpose : 859
Kbe : 21

NB: Please take note that under no circumstances will the Department of Home Affairs refund any person under any given reason for services already paid for or rendered

    • A medical treatment permit may be issued for a maximum period of six (6) months at a time.

    • The holder of a medical treatment permit may not conduct work in the Republic of South Africa.

    • Documentation that accompanies the application shall be original or certified copies and translated by a sworn translator into English.

    • A complete application may be submitted personally during the consular opening hours: Mon-Fri; 09:00-12:30
H.E Ms KST Matthews

Head of Mission
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