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Foreigners subject to South African visa control who wish to visit the RSA for holiday, business or transit purposes must be in possession of valid and acceptable passports/travel documents and visas. Visas must be obtained at the South African Missions abroad prior to travel to South Africa.

Consular Section is opened for public Monday – Friday, 9.00 – 12.30

Processing period for visas is 5 working days.

Visa application form (BI-84) must be completed in English and in black ink only.

All documentation accompanying the application must be in English, translated by a sworn translator.

The passport must be machine readable and have at least two blank pages upon application.

Please note that the applicants may submit the application only in person.

Additional documentation to prove the bona fides of the visit such as proof of registration of the company may be requested.


A duly completed visa application form (BI 84) in English, personally signed by the applicant (attached)

Two coloured recent passport type photographs with white background (3.5x4.5 in size) attached to the left upper corner of application form

A valid passport which must be valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry date of the intended duration of stay in the RSA

Two pages of the passport must be blank in order to affix the visa and for entry/departure endorsements

Copy of passport: page with photograph
Proof of status in Kazakhstan (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan) for foreigners: work visa/permit or residence permit (certified copy + translation certified by Public Notary)

Statement and/or documentation from South Africa, confirming detailed purpose and duration of visit: letters of invitation from the South African travel agencies accompanied by detailed itinerary must be submitted (copies are applicable) or the hotel booking for the whole period of visit to the Republic. If it is detailed itinerary from South African travel agency there must be the reservation number from hotel.

Confirmation of employment in original reflecting occupied position, period of work, salary details, and leave, granted for the period of visit.

Proof of financial means: original bank or credit card statements for the last 3 months or original confirmation of purchase of travel cheques (Original of purchase receipt and copies of cheques must be attached). If it is purchase receipt of travel cheques there must be written full name of applicant on it or confirmation letter from bank indicating the applicant’s full name.  If applicant submits travel cheques hotel accommodation and air ticket must be paid in full.

Proof of flight itinerary

The copy of the original air-ticket must be submitted on collection of the visa

For married couples travelling together: certified copy of the marriage certificate + translation must be certified at the Public Notary

For students and pupils – reference from the school or university, confirming the agreement of the absence in case when trip to South Africa does not coincide with official vacations.

For minors: birth certificate and consent if not accompanied by parents: certified copies + translation must be certified at the Public Notary

For pensioners: certified copy of pensioner’s ID + translation must be certified at the Public Notary

For individual entrepreneurs: certified copy of certificate + translation must be certified at the Public Notary

Vaccination certificate (yellow fever): is required if the applicants are entering South Africa from the countries falling within the Yellow Fever Belt.

Non-refundable visa processing fee 6600 KZT

Payment of the above-mentioned application fee to be made through the bank transfer:

Bank details:

Beneficiary name : South African Embassy in Kazakhstan
Bank Name : JSC SB “RBS (Kazakhstan)” Astana Branch
Address : Astana, Kazakhstan 010000       
6/1, Kabanbay batyr av.
BIN  : 040150020673
TRN  : 600400527301
Iban Number : KZ81922KZT0002225697 
Currency : KZT
Code of payment purpose : 859

Please take note that under no circumstances will the Department of Home Affairs refund any person under any given reason for services already paid for or rendered

Please note passport with visa may be collected personally or by representative (power of attorney certified by Public Notary) or by courier service (Without power of attorney).
H.E Ms KST Matthews

Head of Mission
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