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Welcome to the South African Embassy Bangkok Information Portal

Welcome to the South African Embassy in Bangkok's Information Portal, your gateway to news and information about South Africa and South African-Thai interaction. It is designed to provide South Africans, Thais, and other nationals with a vast array of information on South Africa. Our Service Charter outlines the Embassy's wide range of services.

Whether your curiosity about South Africa is based on your plans as a tourist, an investor, an international student, or you are just someone who is curious about our country, you are sure to find what you need by navigating this site, contacting the Embassy by phone or email, or stopping by our offices. 

Welcome to South Africa!


President Cyril Ramaphosa

"Our vision is for an economy that encourages and welcomes investment, rather than one that chases it away. As we stand here, we say South Africa is open for investment. We invite everyone to come and invest here, so we can end poverty, create jobs, beat inequality, and do it by increasing the number of people involved."

SA's Economic Situation

South Africa remains open for business government working together with business and labour is doing to ensure an improved economic outlook and nurturing for a higher economic growth trajectory. South Africa has a stable and predictable macroeconomic framework which continues to underpin economic policy.

SA has plans to transform the economy to ensure that its citizens enter new jobs and benefit from the new investments attracted in partnership with business and organised labour.

14 Actions to boost investor confidence have been developed in 2017 with specific deadlines with deliverables including to ensure continuity of fiscal consolidation trajectory and the funding and broader reforms in the areas of governance and private sector participation in SOEs as well as finalising outstanding legislation and policy positions to enhance investor confidence.

Travel Notification: Thailand

  1. In view of the recent bombings in certain regions of Thailand on 11/12 August 2016, the South African Embassy in Bangkok wishes to inform prospective South African travellers to Thailand that a relative calm has returned to the affected regions but travellers should note it remains impossible to predict if and when similar incidents could occur, not only in Thailand but in any country around the world.

  2. Based on available information, there is no reason to believe that tourist visits to Thailand should be cancelled. However, South Africans travelling to or in Thailand must ensure that they take all the necessary safety precautions and if they have concerns, consult with their tour operators, their hotel or other sponsors before departing to Thailand or to certain regions in Thailand. Based on the information provided, they should then decide whether or not to proceed with their travel plans. The final decision rests with the individual traveller.

  3. It is proposed that travellers should where possible avoid large gatherings of people in public areas such as markets and at roadside restaurants. 

  4. Travellers with travel insurance policies are advised to check the terms and conditions of the policy before travelling to ensure that the policy is valid and that the policy will provide cover in Thailand under the present circumstances in Thailand.
For general information on the safety situation (excluding information about flights and bookings), South African citizens are welcome to contact the Embassy in Bangkok at telephone: + 66 (0) 2 092 2900 or after hours on +66 81 934 88 62. Kindly bear in mind that the time in Thailand is five hours ahead of SA time. E-mail enquiries can be addressed to: saembbkk@loxinfo.co.th

For general information on the situation, (excluding information about flights and bookings), South African citizens are welcome to contact the Embassy in Bangkok at 24 hour line on telephone: +66 81 934 88 62. Kindly bear in mind that the time in Thailand is five hours ahead of SA time. E-mail enquiries can be addressed to: saembbkk@loxinfo.co.th  

Travellers are urged to register their travel on the Department's voluntary Registration of South Africans Abroad (ROSA) software at https://www.gov.za/services/travel-outside-sa/register-south-africans-abroad.

HE Mr Geoff Doidge
Head of Mission
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