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Advice to South African Citizens in the Event a South African Dies Abroad

The Department, in collaboration with its Representatives abroad, provide logistical assistance and advice to the next of kin in the event of the death of a South African citizen abroad.

Assistance Includes:
  • Obtaining a permit for importing mortal remains from the Department of Health
  • Placing family members into contact with reputable undertakers, and
  • Obtaining quotes for the transportation of the mortal remains and/or cremation and/or local burial, if so requested by the next of kin.
  • Providing information on local conditions and procedures affecting the deceased. It should be borne in mind that the manner in which someone dies can affect how the local authorities handle the case.
In the event the deceased had travel insurance, it is recommended that the insurer be contacted first to establish whether the deceased is covered in case of death.
The South African Government does not render any financial assistance pertaining to the death of South African citizens abroad. The financial transaction for the importation of mortal remains, local burial or cremation and return of the ashes may only be done via a commercial institution such as a bank. The money must be transferred directly to the undertaker in the country concerned.

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