Trade and Investment
The South African economy is one of a modern and promising emerging market. It offers an internal market of over 50 million people and is the gateway you an African marker of 1 billion people.

The country is also a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) with free trade agreements with, amongst others, the European Union (EU), Trade and Development Cooperation Agreement (TDCA).

The South African Government offers an array of incentive schemes to stimulate and facilitate the development of sustainable, competitive enterprises.  A variety of these incentive schemes seek to support the development or growth of commercially viable and sustainable enterprises through the provision of either funding or tax relief.

For more information on trade opportunities with South Africa kindly contact the Embassy’s Economic Section or visit the South Department of trade and Industry (dti) website: www.dti.gov.za
South Africa-Croatia trade (which in 2014 totalled US$ 32 million) is currently much in favour of Croatia.  South Africa aims at strengthening trade with Croatia, especially after the country’s accession to the EU, South Africa’s biggest trade partner.

Top South African exports to Croatia  are mainly the following sectors:
  • Yachts and other vessels (38%)
  • Pig iron (13.63%)
  • Molluscs (13%)
  • Granite (11%)
  • Worked monumental or building stone (7%)

Bilateral trade between South Africa and Hungary has grown since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1991, indicating strong economic relations and significant potential for further growth. In 2014, total trade was recorded at € 323 million.

Top South African exports to Hungary  are mainly the following sectors:
  • Raw hide and skins, leather (44.6%)
  • Machinery and mechanical appliances, electrical equipment (20.8%);
  • Articles of stone, plaster, cement and asbestos, glassware (12%);
  • Products of the chemical industry (7.6%);
  • Base metals and articles of thereof (5%)
South African government is keen to attract Hungarian investment under its National Growth Path (NGP), www.dti.gov.za , which lists a variety of South African sectors for growth.
Discover the richness and diversity of South Africa. Be welcomed by natural beauty, fascinating cultures and an amazing historical heritage - known as the Rainbow Nation for its vibrant mix of people and cultures.
It's time to explore South Africa.

This is the land where two oceans meet, where it's sunny and warm most of the year, and where you can experience the magnificent Big Five: Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard as well as Southern Right Whale and the Great White Shark with your own eyes. Enjoy award-winning wines, delicious cuisine, blue-flag beaches, game parks, mountains, markets, aquariums, heritage sites, historical landmarks and home-grown hospitality in this truly remarkable country. For visa and other travel requirements please refer to the Consular Services page. Tourism formalities
    • Foreign visitors should check before arriving whether a visa is
    • Visitors must have at least one blank page in their passports.
    • Tourists must have return or onward tickets.
    • Visitors from yellow-fever areas must have proof of inoculation.
    • Foreign tourists may have their value-added tax refunded upon departure.
    • For safety, emergency and other information, tourists can phone
      the National Tourism Information and Safety Line on 083 123 2345 (24 hours a day) when they are in South Africa.

Travel advice
Important Visa Information:
The 26th May 2014, the South African authorities implemented stricter immigration regulations for travels across all the South African borders.

Among other things, this means that it is in the majority of cases no longer possible to extend a tourist visa.

It is therefore vital that travellers are aware when entering South Africa, that they are granted the correct amount of necessary days.

Tourist visas are only given for a maximum of 90 days.

If you are planning on working or studying in South Africa, you will need to ensure that you hold the correct residence permit before arriving.

Please apply for the correct permit at the South African Embassy in Denmark: http://www.southafrica.dk/

It is no longer possible to apply for a residence permit to South Africa, if you have entered on a tourist visa.

Should one be so unfortunate to overstay the validity of your visa or permit, fines are no longer issued on the border of departure.

Instead, travellers are declared 'undesirable' for a period of 1-5 years, depending on how long you have overstayed.

From the 1st June 2015 new rules regarding travel with minors will be implemented at all the South African borders. This means that all children (under 18) will need to be in possession of their ENGLISH unabridged birth certificate (a 'full' birth certificate where both parents are mentioned), as well as certified parental consent from the parents who is not travelling along if applicable.


Eastern Cape  : http://www.visiteasterncape.co.za/
Free state : http://www.sa-venues.com/free_state.htm
Gauteng : http://www.gauteng.net/
KwaZulu-Natal : http://www.zulu.org.za/
Limpopo : http://www.golimpopo.com/
Mpumalanga : http://www.mpumalanga.com/
North West : http://www.tourismnorthwest.co.za/
Northern Cape : http://experiencenortherncape.com/
Western Cape   : http://www.tourismcapetown.co.za/home


Travellers from Zambia, Tanzania, Eritrea, Sao Tome and Principe will no longer be required to produce proof of the yellow fever certificate when coming to South Africa after they were included on the World Health Organization low risk yellow fever countries list.

During the 136th session of the WHO Executive Board meeting, a review of countries with risk of yellow fever transmission and countries requiring yellow fever vaccination was conducted and based on the recommendations of the meeting; all travellers arriving into the country from these countries will NOT be required to produce proof of vaccination against yellow fever. 

Published: Date: 3 February 2015

Kindly see the Statement from the South African Ministry of Health here: http://www.health.gov.za/docs/media/MediaStatementYf.pdf


The implementation of the new requirements have been postponed until the 1st June 2015 

After stakeholders highlighted the difficulties in implementing the new regulations regarding the need for all minors to travel with unabridged birth certificates and parental consent by the 1st October 2014, Home Affairs has decided to postpone the implementation until the 1st June 2015.

Published: 16 September 2014

Kindly see the Home Affairs statement here:



Media Statement by South African Government SA tourism under no threat from Ebola

Government reiterates that South Africa remains the destination of choice for tourism, despite a report in the media which stated that the industry had become the first victim of Ebola.

No cases of the Ebola virus have been reported in the country, and government is confident of the systems and protocols that are in place to address any incidence of the virus.

Published: 19 August  2014

Read more: http://www.gcis.gov.za/content/newsroom/media-statement/no-ebola-threat19Aug2014


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