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Trade Relations with South Africa (R 000) millions

South Africa and Comoros enjoy relatively good bilateral political relations. There is an urgent need to elevate economic relations, by finding ways to improve trade and investment interactions, in the fields of tourism, agriculture, blue economy.

The trade volumes between the respective countries are very low and there are no South African companies doing business in the Comoros.

The Embassy has been instrumental in drafting a proposal for IBSA fund to fund and agriculture pilot project in Moheli. The project proposal was approved in December 2016. A delegation from Agriculture Research Council (ARC) from South Africa visited the Comoros in January 2017, in order to engage with various interlocutors. ARC team had visited the Comoros in 2012, conducted a study and drafted a report about the pilot project.

The offshore oil and gas exploration project currently underway in the country offer some potential for development of the country as well as investment opportunities. One of the companies involved is scheduled to conduct drilling operations next year to verifying the existence of oil deposits. Current studies indicate the probability of huge oil deposit. It is looking for possible partners. According to the representative, a European company has shown some interest.

The new government is also planning big infrastructure investments across all sectors including roads, ports and other public facilities. This could offer some opportunities for investments.

South African imports from Comoros:
R        1 671                                 (2013)
R        1 852                                 (2014)
R 6 734 476                                  (2016)

South African exports to Comoros:

R        67 991                                (2013)
R        91 977                                (2014)
R 60 227 453                                 (2016)

South African exports include the following: beverages, spirits, vinegar, tobacco, mineral products, wood and articles of cork.

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