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Current Issues

This page features a variety of information that focuses on specific current situations around the world that directly affect South Africans living and travelling abroad.

2017/10/12 Department of Health: Plague outbreak in Madagascar causes international concern

Hurricane Irma

2017/03/24 Department of Health: Malaria outbreak in South Africa and Yellow Fever in Brazil
2016/10/03 New Zealand visa requirements for South Africans

Australia: Biometric Data Capturing for Visa Applicants

2016/02/03 Department of Health: Zika virus – affected countries
2016/01/22 Department of Health: Ebola Travel Advisory for travel between South Africa and West Africa
2015/10/26 Removal of Ebola travel restrictions between South Africa and Liberia (Department of Health)
2015/09/30 Prohibition of entering Hong Kong with stun guns/tazers
2015/06/17 Travel Advisory to prevent the importation of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona-Virus (MERS-CoV) into South Africa, 10 June 2015
2014/08/26 Ebola Virus - Department of Health Guide
2014/08/01 Ebola Virus Disease
2014/08/01 Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Facts Sheet
2013/11/08 2014 General Elections: Voter Registration Abroad (.html)
2013/08/16 Closing of the Legalisation Section: Tuesday, 24 December 2013 (at 10H00) (.html)

Yellow Fever Documents - Advice to Travellers 2013

2013/08/06 Port Health Services - Guidelines Yellow Fever 2013
2013/06/19 France: Introduction of biometric visas
2011/10/01 Prevention of yellow fever in South Africa
2011/08/29 Prevention of Yellow Fever in South Africa
2011/08/04 Press Release: Yellow Fever Vaccination Requirements and Shortages
2011/08/04 Yellow Fever Vaccination Requirements
2010/03/05 Iraq: Entry Requirement: Health Restrictions
2010/02/05 Egyptian Guidelines to Foreign Media
2009/11/11 Non Recognition by Denmark of the South African Passport issued to Minor Children

Influenza A (H1N1)

2009/04/03 Visa Regime: UK
2008/12/12 Switzerland - Visa and Non-Recognition of the South African Temporary Passport
2008/09/09 Registration of South Africans Abroad - ROSA
2008/05/06 Egypt: Travel Insurance
2008/04/01 Schengen Visa: Republic of Latvia
2008/01/31 Entry Requirements: Republic of Turkey
2007/11/23 Passport Requirements: The People’s Bureau of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
2007/06/01Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA): New Security Measures Effective 01 June 2007
2007/03/26Identify Theft Scam Offering Overseas Jobs
2007/02/13South African Temporary Passports - Benelux countries
2007/02/13Immigration and Civic Services Assistance to South African citizens in the United Kingdom
2006/10/20Statement issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs of South Africans on working abroad
2006/10/20Eye on Human Trafficking, Issue 11, 2006 (an IOM publication)


To add value and improve consular services to the public, this consular site is constantly under construction. For consular related services, information and enquiries you are not able to find on this site, please contact the Chief Directorate Consular Services or the Webmaster.

Last updated: 21 September 2018
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