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Please be advised that the Department of Home Affairs informed all Embassies that all applications for Section 11(1) (a) and 11(2) authorisations to work on a visitor’s visa will be in the form of an application for a visitor’s visa.

This application will be processed within approximately 5 working days. Once the applications have been finalized the applicant will be informed to arrange the collection of his/her passport either in person/third party/courier service.

For a period of less than 90 days any person wishing to conduct working activity in the film industry (actors, models, hairstylists, make up specialists, cameramen, etc.) in South Africa must be in possession of the correct authorisation to do so. In terms of Regulation 9(2) of the Immigration Act, Act 13 of 2002, each passport holder has to submit the application in person including children (as of 01.07.2014 all applications must be submitted in person!!). Please have the correct amount DKK430.00 - when submitting the application during business hours Monday – Friday 09:00 – 12:00. Should you have letter from the CPA (Commercial Film Producers Association) you should only submit the documents as per *.

The following documents need to be submitted:
  • Duly completed application form (DHA-84)*
  • Two EU passport photos together with a valid passport containing at least 3 blank pages *
  • Bank statements for the last three months in respect of the applicant (not the company!)
  • Fee of DKK430.00 deposited in the Embassy Account.
  • the letter from the South African (host) company or institution, refer specifically to an application for authorisation to conduct work on a visitor’s permit in terms of section 11(2) and include the following information:
    1. Applicant’s full name and date of birth.
    2. Applicant’s nationality and passport number.
    3. Purpose or necessity of the work;
    4. Nature of the work;
    5. Qualification and skills required for the work;
    6. Duration of the work;
    7. Place of work;
    8. Duration of the visit;
    9. Proof of remuneration or stipend that the foreigner will receive from the employer; and
    10. Identity and contact details of the prospective employer or relevant contact person from the host institution;
    11. Port of Entry through which the applicant will enter the Republic of South Africa.
    12. Background / bona fides of the South African (host) company or institution.
    13. Statement that the applicant will strictly conduct only the specific work related activity contained in the letter and will neither compete for other work in the Republic of South Africa during the stay nor seek to extend the work beyond the specific period requested.
    14. The applicant’s contact details and residential e.g. hotel address during his or her stay in the Republic of South Africa
    15. Any other information as required by the Mission to complete the application including, where applicable, request recommendation from any relevant organ of state and may request proof of residence status for non-Danish nationals.
- a signed and dated letter on letterhead of the applicant’s company abroad (e.g. from country of origin), confirming the applicant’s particulars (full name, date of birth, nationality and passport number), occupation / position at the company or institution abroad, the purpose or necessity and duration (starting and ending dates) of the applicant’s visit to the Republic of South Africa and proof (details) of remuneration or stipend that the foreigner will receive for the work conducted in the Republic;
- Valid air flight ticket or flight confirmation * For bank transfers use the following bank connection:
IBAN : DK 6330000010647320
REG : 4001
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Tel : +45 3918 0155
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NB: VISA related telephone enquiries to be made during the following times
Monday to Thursday : 08:00 – 09:00 and 12:30 – 15:00
Friday : 12:30 – 13:30
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