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The following foreigners may be declared undesirable by the Director-General of the Department of Home Affairs, as prescribed, and after such a declaration, do not qualify for a visa, admission into the Republic of South Africa, temporary or a permanent residence permit:

a) Anyone who is or is likely to become a public charge;

b) anyone identified as such by the Minister of the Department of Home Affairs;

c) anyone who has been judicially declared incompetent;

d) an un-rehabilitated insolvent;

e) anyone who has been ordered to depart in terms of the Immigration Act;

f) anyone who is a fugitive from justice; and

g) anyone with previous criminal convictions without the option of a fine for conduct which would be an offence in the Republic, with the exclusion of certain prescribed offences.
Upon application by the affected person, the Minister of the Department of Home Affairs may, for good cause, waive any of the grounds of undesirability.

HE Zindziswa Nobutho Mandela
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