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The Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO)
introduced its quarterly magazine Ubuntu – South Africa’s Public Diplomacy in action
in August 2012 to:

  • communicate with and educate stakeholders on South Africa’s foreign policy positions, achievements, objectives and goals
  • give in-depth analysis and information on key departmental issues ranging fro current affairs, bilateral and multilateral milestones, upcoming key events, as
    well as international work done by other government departments, business and
Special Edition - Issue 14, 2018:
UBUNTU Magazine Issue 14 of 2018 Special Edition

Special features in Issue 14 Special Edition

  • Liberation Heritage: Steve Biko
  • Mandela and Tambo: A lifetime as comrades
  • Madiba's story is a journey across our land
  • South Africa welcomes another world heritage site
  • Put Foot is putting Afrcican children on the road to success with new shoes
  • Attracting investors and tourists to South Africa
  • Mapangubwe: South Africa's lost city of gold
  • Vredefort Dome – the world's biggest meteor crater
  • SA Mint celebarates SA's marine protected areas
  • From Big Five to Little Five
  • Discover small-town South Africa
  • Durban International Film Festival: Longest running in Africa
  • Flying the SA flag
  • #a good story to tel
Issue 14, 2017:
UBUNTU Magazine Issue 14 of 2017

Special features in Issue 14 include:

  • SA Mint celebrates SA's marine protected areas
  • Discover small-town South Africa
  • Durban International Film Festival longest running in Africa
Issue 13, 2017:
UBUNTU Magazine Issue 13 of 2017

Special features in Issue 13 include:

  • Liberation Heritage: Ahmed Kathrada
  • SS Mendi - One of SA's most heart-wrenching tragedies
Issue 12, December 2016:
UBUNTU Magazine Issue 12  of 2016

Special features in Issue 12 include:

  • Liberation Heritage: Sophia Williams de Bruyn
  • Remembering the voices of the women of 1956
  • Kennedy and Luthuli: 50 years of memory
  • Celebrating a centenary of academic excellence on the African continent
  • Medical tourism: Why South Africa?
  • Research-led innovation supports economic growth
  • Cape Town named best in Africa for business tourism events
  • Tourism: A powerful driving force for economic growth
  • Blue Flag status for SA beaches
  • Culinary tourism a growing niche market across the globe
  • “Rainbow Concert” showcases African talent
  • Gateway to space
  • Flying the flag
  • #a good story to tell
Issue 11, June 2016:
UBUNTU Magazine 11, June 2016

Special features in Issue 11 include:

  • Liberation Heritage: Beyers Naudé
  • Rhino anti-poaching interventions showing results
  • A beacon on the global landscape of human memory
  • Africa: The new frontier for investment
  • Opening up the African skies
  • Shaping conversation in Africa
  • SA innovations changing the world
  • Why arts and culture contribute more to an economy than growth and jobs
  • International film productions boost South African economy, skills
  • South Africa is open for business
  • 200 years of South African coinage celebrated
  • South Africa celebrates her armed forces
  • Flying the flag
  • #a good story to tell
Issue 10, December 2015:
UBUNTU Magazine Issue 10 of 2015

Special features in Issue 10 include:

  • Liberation Heritage: Walter and Albertina Sisulu
  • Pride and trepidation: Respecting and protecting indigenous knowledge
  • Operation Phakisa: Improving quality of life
  • The heartbeat of South African astronomy
  • Preserving our own stories
  • High praise for South African firefighters in Canada
Issue 9, June 2015:
UBUNTU Magazine, Issue 9, June 2015 Special features in Issue 9 include:
  • Liberation Heritage: Charlotte Maxeke
  • Refugees: Everyone matters
  • Celebrating 60 years of the Freedom Charter
  • Sharing common histories, inventing our future
  • The Year of China in South Africa
  • Shared Sky exhibition transcending continents
  • Innovation Bridge a technology showcase
  • South Africa leads the way with Safari-1
  • Flying the SA flag high
  • #a good story to tell
Issue 8, December 2014:
UBUNTU Magazine, Issue 8, December 2014

Special features in Issue 8 include:

  • Liberation heritage: The legacy of Nat Nakasa
  • Our whole story has not been told
  • Intensifying the battle against rhino poaching
  • Seven Swims in the Seven Seas for One Reason
  • Rethinking tourism
  • Highway Africa
  • Tracing the history of statistical developemnt
  • The Bloodhound
  • Aerospace industry shows off
  • Flying the Sa flag
  • #a good story to tell
  • Celebrating 20 years of national heritage
Issue 7, August 2014:
UBUNTU Magazine, Issue 7, August 2014

Special features in Issue 7 include:

  • Global perceptons key to competitiveness and foreign investment
  • South Africa first in Africa for investment
  • Biofuel deal for Southern Africa
  • A case for legal aid
  • 20 years of South African tourism
  • The legacy of Solomon Mahlangu
  • Rise and fall of apartheid
  • Island biodiversity in the spotlight
  • Frienship to South Africa awarded
  • Flying the SA Flag
Issue 6, May 2014
UBUNTU Magazine, Issue 6, May 2014

Special features in Issue 6 include:

  • Our Journey to bring the SKA to Africa
  • Matters of national interest: South Africa’s role on the “White Continent”
  • Providing African solutions to African problem
  • Meetings Africa 2014: “Advancing Africa together”
  • South African Airways – A transformed airline
  • Twenty years of gender transformation
  • Beating the odds to realise a dream
  • The legacy of Dulcie September
  • Building the legacy
  • Destrict Six: Recalling the forced removals
  • Loyiso Bala: UNAIDS Ambassador to make a difference
  • Flying the SA flag


Issue 5, December 2013:
UBUNTU Magazine, Issue 5, December 2013

Special features in Issue 5 include:

  • Paying tribute to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
  • South Africa calls for reform at the UN
  • BRICS business to grow partnerships
  • Impact of illicit drug trafficking
  • Training of South African Diplomats at Clingendael
  • Assisting Lesotho’s most vulnerable
  • Ubuntu: The original vision for South Africa, our continent and the world
  • Legacy projects: Symbols of South Africa’s history
  • Preserving South Africa’s flavour heritage
  • Annual Diplomatic Fair 2013
  Issue 4, July 2013:
UBUNTU Magazine, Issue 4, July 2014

Special features in Issue 4 include:

  • South Africa’s national interests
  • From hopeless to rising – The true story of Africa
  • Celebrating 19 years of South Africa’s foreign policy
  • The last colonial challenge facing the African continent: Western Sahara
  • BRICS and Africa: Partnership for development, integration and industrialisation
  • Celebrating the legacy of Nelson Mandela: South Africa’s soft power
  • Tourism in a new world: Risks and opportunities
  • South Africa’s film industry booming
  • Preserving our freedom heritage

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  Issue 3,, April 2013:
  UBUNTU Magazine, Issue 3, April 2013

Special features in Issue 3 include:

  • Successful BRICS Summit held on African soil
  • 50 years of African unity
  • Celebrating IBSA’s 10th anniversary
  • Save our rhinos
  • Be a responsible traveller
  Issue 2, December 2012:
  UBUNTU Magazine, Issue 2, December 2012

Special features in Issue 2 include:

  • South Africa is getting many things right
  • A vision for South Africa’s foreign policy – Now and beyond
  • Israel-Palestine conflict – A South African priority
  • President Jacob Zuma on South Africa’s National Infrastructure Plan
  • Liberation history – The legacy of OR Tambo
  • Top 10 reasons to visit South Africa
  • Best crew in the world
  • Charlize Theron – United Nations Messenger of Peace
  Issue 1, August 2012:
  UBUNTU Magazine, Issue 1, August 2012

Special features in Issue 1 include:

  • A victory for South African diplomacy, a victory for southern Africa and Africa!
  • COP17/CMP7 – the Durban Outcome
  • South Africa’s foreign policy responds to domestic priorities
  • Cultural diplomacy and sports as tools for nation-building and development
  • Who is Brand South Africa?
  • Africa is proud to host the SKA
  • South Africa’s Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nation’s Roll Back Malaria Partnership
  • South Africa Fashion Week
  • Freedom Park – a heritage destination


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