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Parliament Questions and Replies for 2004

2005/01/19Reports of internal developments in Zimbabwe affecting South African citizens
2005/01/19Status of the Situation on President Bertrand Aristide of Haiti
2005/01/19Targeted Sanctions against the Government of Sudan
2005/01/19Sexual Misconduct Charges against South African Ambassador
2005/01/19Headquarters of the African Standby Force (ASF)
2005/01/19Financial Contributions by Member States of the Pan African Parliament
2005/01/19Current Status of the Peace Process in the DRC
2004/12/10Allegations of Sexual Misconduct, Corruption and other forms of Misconduct regarding Staff of the Department of Foreign Affairs
2004/12/10Implication of South African-based Companies, Entities, and/or Individuals in any International Atomic Energy Reports
2004/12/10Payment of Stay and Travel Costs of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide by the Taxpayers
2004/12/07Status of the Organisation of a Function in Auckland, New Zealand by a South Africa Foreign Mission abroad
2004/12/07Occurrences of Incidents of an alleged Criminal Nature involving Diplomats and other Persons who claimed Diplomatic Immunity
2004/12/07Status of Contracts awarded by the Department of Foreign Affairs to Companies whose Owners, Directors and/ or Shareholders are Office-Bearers of any of the National Executive Committee, National Working Committee, Youth League and /or Women's League
2004/12/07Status of Investigations of Cases of Corruption relating to the Misappropriation of State Funds and/or Misuse of State Resources within the Department of Foreign Affairs
2004/12/07Confirmation by the Department of Foreign Affairs of Asylum granted to a Person in Britain as a Political Refugee
2004/12/03Protection of South African Citizens by the South African Government doing Business in the United States of America
2004/11/17Invitation to attend the 2004 Olympic games in Athens
2004/11/17Total annual costs of the South African Embassy in Uganda
2004/11/17Involvement of South Africans in Illegal activities in DRC
2004/11/17South African membership in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
2004/11/17Engagements with Zimbabwe to ensure free and fair elections
2004/11/17Progress on African Union and NEPAD objectives
2004/11/17Terrorist activities in and outside South Africa
2004/11/17Distribution of land owned by SADC Member States n Zimbabwe
2004/11/15Status of the African Union Observer Mission in the Darfur Region of Sudan that Addresses the Humanitarian Crisis and Ensures International Assistance in Ending the Crisis
2004/11/15South African Government Assurances from the Swaziland Authorities, in light of the Amnesty International Report of 29 July 2004 on the State of Human Rights in Swaziland
2004/11/15Financial Cost Implications of the South African Government for Hosting the Pan-African Parliament
2004/11/04South African Government Facilitation of Talks between ZANU-PF and the MDC
2004/11/04Position of the South African Government on the Zimbabwean Government's denying the MDC access to Food
2004/11/04Position and Response of the African Union on the Darfur Crisis as being Genocide
2004/10/27Status of Programmes to Educate the Civil Society on the African Union and Nepad by the Department of Foreign Affairs
2004/10/25Implemented of Measures to Alleviate the Plight of the Black Sudanese in the Darfur Region by the South African Government besides the African Union and United Nations Processes
2004/10/25Establishment of Diplomatic Ties by the Government of South Africa with the Government of Equatorial Guinea
2004/10/25Diplomatic Assistance by the South African Government to the South Africans arrested in Equatorial Guinea for allegedly Plotting to overthrow the Government of the country and for the South Africans arrested in Pakistan for allegedly being involved in Terrorist Activities
2004/10/25Expenses Incurred by the Government of South Africa for the Exile of former Haitian President, Mr Bertrand Aristide
2004/10/25Cost Implications for the South African Government for Hosting the Pan-African Parliament at Gallagher Estate in Midrand
2004/10/25Policy of Quiet Diplomacy by the South African Government towards the Government of Zimbabwe
2004/09/08Mr. Jean Bertrand Aristide's stay in South Africa
2004/09/08Disarmament of the Janjaweed Militia
2004/09/08Amnesty International Report on Swaziland
2004/09/08Allegations of Abuse by Members of SANDF in DRC
2004/09/08Assessment of Food Security in Zimababwe
2004/09/08Use of Diplomatic or Economic Targeted Sanctions on Zimbabwe
2004/09/08Review of the African Union's Legal Provisions to Combat Mercenary Activities
2004/09/08South African Private Military Companies in Iraq
2004/09/08Zimbabwe's Compliance with the Adopted SADC Charter on Free and Fair Elections
2004/09/08Formula to determine financial contributions to the funding of the AU
2004/09/08Disarmament of the Janjaweed Militia
2004/09/08South Africa's Relations with Equatorial Guinea
2004/09/08Clarity on sale of Fighter Jets by China to Zimbabwe
2004/09/02Pressure by the South African Government on the Sudanese Government to Ensure Peace and Stability; and the Return of Refugees to Darfur
2004/08/23Envisaged Impact on the Economies of African Countries and the Nepad Programme of Development of the Agreements reached at the World Trade Organisation Meeting between the G8 Countries and Developing Countries on reduced Subsidies in Agriculture Sector of Development Countries
2004/08/23Position of the South African Government, holding the African Union's Peace and Security Council Chairpersonship for August 2004, regarding the Support of the Sudanese Government of the Militias committing Atrocities in the Darfur Region of Western Sudan
2004/08/23Prospects of Elections and Instruments to ensure a viable Post-Election Political Environment in Burundi as stipulated in the Arusha Agreement and Pretoria Agreement by the end of October 2004
2004/08/12Asylum Status of President Jean Bertrand Arisitde of Haiti in South Africa
2004/08/12Status of President Jean Bertrand Aristide of Haiti is South Africa
2004/08/12Dismissal of Sexual Misconduct Charges against Ambassador by Minister Dlamini Zuma
2004/08/03Arms Race between South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and other Countries
2004/07/26Total Budget for the Budget Speech of the Department of Foreign Affairs in the National Assembly and National Council of Provinces
2004/07/22South African Government Co-operation with Equatorial Guinea regarding the Legal Proceedings of the South African Citizens involved in an alleged Coup d' Etat Plot
2004/07/22South African Government Information regarding the Order for Chinese Jet Fighters by Zimbabwe
2004/07/22Visitation of South African Prisoners by South African Diplomatic Representatives in Thailand
2004/07/22Extradition Assistance by the South African Government to two South African Citizens imprisoned in Thailand
2004/07/16 Loan Granted by the Government to the Office of the Facilitator of the Inter-Congolese Dialogue
2004/07/16Farms Listed under the Zimbabwe Land Reform Programme which are Owned by south African Nationals
2004/07/16Nationalisation of Farmland in Zimbabwe Belonging to South African Citizens
2004/06/24Protection of South African Citizens, Properties and Companies in Zimbabwe
2004/06/18Department of Foreign Affairs Budget for the Ten Years of Freedom Celebrations
2004/06/28Status of a South African Citizen in a Prison in Mauritius
2004/06/08Suspected Mercaneries in Equatorial Guinea and Zimbabwe
2004/02/24South African Submission to the United Nations regarding Global Security Threats and the Security Doctrine of Uni-lateral Pre-Emption

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