Terrorist activities in and outside South Africa


DATE: 16 November 2004

1. Mr M A Mzizi (IFP) to ask the Deputy President:

Whether, in light of media reports on terrorist activities within as well as outside South Africa and mention that foreigners beyond our borders have been found to be in possession of South African passports as well as other documents, any security and/or precautionary measures have been or are being instituted to guarantee the safety and protection of the citizens of South Africa; if not, why not; if so, what measures?

Fighting terrorism is a major priority of Government and our law enforcement agencies and intelligence structures are seized with the matter on an ongoing basis. They also liaise regularly with their international partners since a decisive victory over terrorism partly relies on the extent to which information is shared, within and between countries.

The nature of the challenge, however, does not allow us to divulge all the measures we employ in our efforts against terrorism. Regarding fraudulently obtained South African official documents, the Department of Home Affairs, acting in consultation with other departments in the Justice Crime Prevention and Security (JCPS) cluster, is constantly improving security around all South African official documents, particularly the Identity Document and Passports. In the process the Department is also implementing counter corruption measures that include formal training for members and action is taken against staff suspected of corruption.

Measures have been taken with other countries to prevent the usage of fraudulently obtained South African official documents. Fraudsters who try to use such documents in other countries face certain arrest and prosecution in those countries. The JCPS is also finalising an overarching strategy on border control to prevent the entry of terror suspects into our country. As we speak our anti-terrorism bill is awaiting the signature of the President to be promulgated into law. This law will give more strength to our efforts of fighting terrorism.


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