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Parliament Questions and Replies 2005

2005/12/12South African Government Support for the Development of Nuclear Capacity Programmes by Iran and North Korea
2005/12/12Leave for Ambassador M Shaik to Attend Court Proceedings
2005/12/12Fundamental Principles and Guidelines for South Africa's Foreign Policy in the Strategic Foreign Policy Document
2005/12/07South African Government Support for the Use of Nuclear Power for Peaceful Use
2005/12/07View of the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry with regard to the Relocation of the Africa Institute from the Department of Science and Technology to the Department of Foreign Affairs
2005/12/07Elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo scheduled for March 2006
2005/12/07Steps to be taken by the Department of Foreign Affairs to Protect South Africa - owned Property in Zimbabwe, as Zimbabwe will disregard any Bilateral Agreements Protecting Foreign Land Ownership
2005/12/07Total Cost for the Annual Reports of 2004-05 and 2003-04 of the Department of Foreign Affairs
2005/12/07Interim Haitian Government Request for the Extradition of Mr Jean-Bertrand Aristide to the South African Government
2005/11/21South African Government Response to the Report of the Independent Inquiry Committee into the United Nations (UN) Oil-for-Food Programme
2005/11/04Cost of the Fifth Heads of Mission Conference held in Somerset West in February 2005
2005/11/04International Agreements and/or Conferences Signed by South Africa in Relation to the Youth, Children and People with Disabilities, Particularly with Regard to the United Nations and the African Union
2005/11/04 Corruption Dossier Received from Namibian Metals (Pty) Ltd
2005/11/04 Loan to the Zimbabwe Government by the South African Government
2005/11/04Status of Vacancies within the Department of Foreign Affairs
2005/11/04Costs incurred by the Department of Foreign Affairs during the Budget Vote
2005/11/04United Nations Report on the Effects of the Zimbabwean Government's Operation Murambatsvina
2005/11/04Steps taken to Address the Governance Crisis in Zimbabwe According to the Mandate given to South Africa as Chair of the SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Co-operation
2005/11/04South African Candidacy for a Permanent Seat Seperate from the AU
2005/11/04South Africa's Commitment to the Protection of Human Rights
2005/11/04The Ministers Position on Statements made by Cyril Ramaphosa at an African Investment Conference
2005/11/04Advertisements by the Department of Foreign Affairs
2005/11/04Cost to South Africa's participation in the Caribbean Diaspora Conference
2005/11/04Core Values of the South African Foreign Policy and the Expression thereof in Foreign Policy towards Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Sudan
2005/11/04Investigation into Departmental Travel Claims in Light of Irregularities Revealed in Parliament in Respect of Travel Vouchers
2005/11/04Attendance by the Minister and Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs to National Assembly Sittings to Reply to Questions
2005/11/04Agreements regarding the Repatriation of South African Nationals serving Sentences of Imprisonment in Foreign Countries
2005/09/07Intervention by South Africa regarding Zimbabwe's Expulsion from the International Monetary Fund
2005/09/07South African Facilitation in the Peace Process between Israel and Palestine
2005/09/07Leave for Ambassador M Shaik to Attend Court Proceedings
2005/09/07Official Trips Abroad by Deputy Director-General, Dr Anil Sooklal
2005/09/07Co-sponsorship of the Recent Asian-African Summit
2005/09/07South African Endorsement of Zimbabwe's Nomination to the United Nations Commission for Human Rights (UNCHR)
2005/09/07South African Representatives Visited J Neethling who is Imprisoned in St Lucia
2005/09/07Persons with Disabilities Working in the Department of Foreign Affairs
2005/09/07Leave for Ambassador M Shaik to Attend Court Proceedings
2005/09/07Department of Foreign Affairs Complies with the PFMA regarding Public Entities
2005/08/25Land Reform in South Africa
2005/08/25Population Growth and Development in South Africa
2005/08/25Priorities of the Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa
2005/08/25Progress in Achieving the 2014 Government Goals, Particularly the Quality of Life and Status of Women
2005/08/04Impact on South African Economy by the Zimbabwean Economic Collapse
2005/08/04South African Government's Action regarding the Purchase by the Zimbabwean Government of Six Chinese-made Karakorum 8 (K-8) Military Trainer Jets
2005/08/04South African Government Support towards the Deployment of United Nations Troops to the Province of Darfur
2005/08/04Credibility of the UN Human Rights Commission as result of Elections in Sudan, Zimbabwe, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia and the Proposal for a new Human Rights Council
2005/08/04Measures taken by the African Union to Address the Problem of Disputed Elections on the Continent
2005/08/04Status on the Government's Efforts towards Human Rights, Peace and Stability with the Presence of South Africans in Iraq without the Mandate of the Government
2005/08/04Refusal of Visas by the United States of America to South African Citizens for Business Purposes or Visits to Friends
2005/06/10AU and NATO Membership
2005/06/09Attack on a South African woman in Zimbabwe
2005/06/09Targeted Sanctions against Sudan
2005/06/09Members of Parliament ivited to Official Visits to Foreign Countries
2005/06/09The Minster's government credit card
2005/06/09Amnesty International Report on Zimbabwe
2005/06/09Consular Assistance of the Department during Tsunami
2005/06/09Criminal Activities involving Diplomatic Personnel
2005/03/18Human rights violations in countries which subject women to so-called "honour punishment

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