Co-sponsorship of the Recent Asian-African Summit





Mr D H M Gibson (DA) to ask the Minister of Foreign Affairs:

(1) Whether South Africa was a co-sponsor of the recent Asian-African Summit that was held in Indonesia; if so, (a) how much did the government contribute towards the costs of the conference, (b) what specified items were covered by South Africa's contribution and (c) which government officials attended the conference at state expense;

(2) whether the state incurred any costs related to this summit; if not, who sponsored South Africa's attendance; if so, (a) what was the total cost and (b) on what items were these costs incurred?



Question 1

Yes, South Africa was a co-sponsor of the recently held Asian-African Summit together with Indonesia. The Summit took place in Jakarta, Indonesia from 22-23 April 2005.

(a) The Department of Foreign Affairs' contribution towards the costs of the Summit is estimated at R 598 742.00.

(b) The following expenses were incurred by the Department of Foreign Affairs:

(i) Assistance to SADC (R 10 400.00)
A request for financial assistance was received from the Southern African Development Community (SADC). South Africa agreed to bear the accommodation costs for one representative from SADC, which amounted to R 10 400.00.

The idea behind the assistance to SADC was to ensure that as many of the Sub-Regional Organisations attend the Asian-African Summit, bearing in mind the integral role they would play in implementing the New Asian-African Strategic Partnership. This was further in line with an agreement between South Africa and Indonesia that South Africa would assist the African Sub-Regional Organisations while Indonesia would assist the Asian Sub-Regional Organisations.

(ii) Travel, accommodation and performance costs for Ms Miriam Makeba and her band (R 489 500.00)

South Africa was approached by Indonesia to obtain the services of a local artist to perform at various events during the Asian-African Summit. In view of her status as an icon of the Freedom Struggle and an internationally renowned artist, Ms Miriam Makeba and her band of 10 musicians were approached and she agreed to perform at the Summit. The estimated costs incurred in this regard amounted to R 489 500.00.

(iii) Travel and accommodation costs for the South African representatives that attended the Workshop on the role of Women and Youth in furthering Asian-African Co-operation. (R 98 842.00)

The Workshop took place in Jakarta, Indonesia on 19 April 2005.

A decision was taken to pay for the travel and accommodation costs for 2 representatives (one representing women and the other the youth) to ensure their attendance at the workshop. The decision was motivated by the fact that South Africa was co-chairing the workshop. The estimated costs incurred in this regard amounted to R 98 842.00.

(c) A list of officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs who attended the Summit, is attached hereto as Annexure "A". Please note that the list does not include officials that accompanied the President or those that represented other departments at the Summit.

Question 2

See answer to question 1.

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