Progress in Achieving the 2014 Government Goals, Particularly the Quality of Life and Status of Women



DATE: 24 August 2005


Ms J L Fubbs (ANC) to ask the Deputy President:

How far has South Africa progressed in achieving the 2014 goals set by the Government, in particular as they relate to improving the quality of life and status of women?



The United Nations agreement is to review the Millennium Goals in 2015, but the ANC-led government has committed itself to meeting these goals by 2014 so as to allow proper preparation for reporting to the UN. The Millennium goals and the Beijing Platform of Action are an integral part of our policies and programmes.

We have already made considerable progress in providing comprehensive social security; meeting the housing demand; providing universal access to electricity; providing access to clean water and sanitation; providing primary health care; broadening access to and improving the quality of education, to mention just a few. We have also made significant strides in ensuring that women are represented in high positions in government as well.

To list detail some of the progress made so far:

* Already in 2003, 63% of households had access to sanitation while 85% of households had access to clean water.
* In housing since 1994, R50 billion has been transferred to the poor, the majority of whom are women, through transfer of deeds in houses that people have occupied in townships.
* Through land reform and restitution, over half of subsidies approved were allocated to female-headed households.
* The electrification programme is one of the biggest achievements of our country and unprecedented internationally, as 3.5 million homes have been electrified and this translates into over 435 000 homes per annum.
* In education we have seen an increase in the enrolment rate of female learners in Maths, Science and Technology.
* On the economic front Government has instituted a number of measures to equalize opportunities for women in the workplace and has also facilitated programmes to ensure women have access to finance.
* On health the government is bringing primary health care to the communities.

However, in spite of these progress much more still needs to be done and I urge all South Africans to work together to ensure that Equality between men and women is in fact real equality.

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