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Parliament Questions and Replies for 2007

2007/11/26 Status on the Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements with Foreign Governments to regulate or control Sovereign Fund Transactions in the Local Economy
2007/11/14 Status on the amount, value and location of the Embassy and Consulate Properties owned by the Department of Foreign Affairs
2007/11/14 Correspondence from the Palestine Solidarity Committee and/or any other Organisations or Citizens regarding their concerns about the Palestine-Israel Conflict
2007/11/14 Total Cost to the State of Consultants used by the Department of Foreign Affairs 2005-06 and 2006-07 Financial Years
2007/11/14 Department of Foreign Affairs Scholarships in 2007
2007/11/14 South African Government Position regarding the Gaza Insurgency and the two-or three-State Solution to the Israel-Palestine Conflict
2007/11/14 High Court Judgement concerning the Appeal against the Decision to exonerate former Ambassador Mashabane from charges of Sexual Harassment
2007/11/14 South African Government Mediation between the Zimbabwean Government and the Opposition Parties before the European Union-Africa Summit in Portugal in December 2007
2007/09/20 Status on the Relations between South Africa and Hamas
2007/09/19 Status on the amount of Officials seconded to the United Nations (UN) and its Agencies
2007/09/19 Status on South Africa’s Programme to deepen Economic and Political Relations with Belarus

Role of South Africa in the Resolution of the Conflict in Sri Lanka

2007/08/30 Status on amendments proposed by South Africa with regard to measures against Iran in connection with its development of nuclear technologies
2007/08/29 Status on weather Government has taken a position on the call by His Holiness the Dalai Lama for an autonomous Tibet
2007/08/29 Status on Ambassadors and other foreign Heads of Mission regarding  appointment to meet with her
2007/08/29 Status on the Department regarding pensioners from Zimbabwe
2007/08/29 Status on South Africa regarding the requirements of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations
2007/08/29 Status on the Directorships and/or Board Memberships  
2007/08/29 With regard to South Africa’s involvement in the upgrading of the Ahmed Baba Institute
2007/08/29 Status on the African Union and its agencies regarding country quota for employment of its officials
2007/08/23 Status on the Problem of the Influx of Refugees from Zimbabwe to South Africa
2007/08/23 Status on the Attendance of the European Union - Africa Summit 2007 by President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe
2007/08/22 Advantages for Africa after Meetings by France and China with African Countries and Mediation Mission of South Africa in the Ivory Coast
2007/08/22 Criteria for the Stay in South Africa of Retiring Heads of State or Heads of Government as Guests of South Africa
2007/08/22 Status and Quota of South African Citizens Employed by the United Nations and its Agencies

Priorities of the South African Government regarding Globalisation

2007/08/21 Costs of Budget Vote Speech of Minister Dlamini Zuma in the National Assembly
2007/07/31Expenditure by Officials of the Department on Hotel Accommodation, Restaurant Expenses and Travel Costs for 2006/7 Financial Year and during April 2007
2007/06/15Status on the current Capital Equipment in the Department of Foreign Affairs
2007/05/24Status on the future Relations of the South African Government with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Government
2007/05/24South African Government Policy on a negotiated Two State Settlement between Palestine and Israel with Secure Borders
2007/05/24South Africa Government Position on Co-Sponsoring the United Nations (UN) Resolution, passed on 26 January 2007, that condemned Holocaust Denial
2007/05/24Department of Foreign Affairs Agreements with other countries whereby South African Nationals serving sentences in Prisons in Foreign Countries may serve sentences in South African Prisons
2007/05/24South African Government Contention of the Human Rights issues on Zimbabwe in the Security Council of the United Nations (UN) instead of in the appropriate Fora for Human Rights issues of the UN
2007/05/24Status of the South African Government regarding the Verdict of the Election Observer Missions in Nigeria
2007/05/15Performance Assessments for all Senior Management Officials from the rank of Director and above, including Heads of Mission, for the 2005-06 and 2006-07 Financial Years with the Department of Foreign Affairs
2007/04/25Status on the Heads of Mission Posts regarding the career Diplomats and
No-Career Contacts Appointments for the Financial Years of 2004-2005 and 2005-2006
2007/04/11Status on Sponsorships received by the Department of Foreign Affairs
2007/03/26Initiatives by the South African Government with regard to the USA's threatened Military Action against Iran
2007/03/26Status on the Salaries of the Civilian Police (CIVPOL) Members serving in the Sudan in terms of a Mandate from the African Union (AU) and under the auspices of the African Mission in the Sudan (AMIS) and posted from different Countries within Africa
2007/03/02South Africa's Vote in the United Nations Security Council
2007/03/02Retirement Packages in the Department
2007/03/01Role of SA in the UN Security Council
2007/03/01The volatile situation in Somalia
2007/03/01Use of Private Security Firms in the Department
2007/03/01Human Right and SA Foreign Policy
2007/03/01China's Economic Development and Africa
2007/02/22Status on the Disciplinary Action taken against South African Diplomat who was ejected from Britain
2007/02/21Status on the Performance Assessments for all Senior Management Officials from the Rank of Director and above, including Heads of Mission
2007/02/21Status on the Two Head Office-approved Posts of Deputy Director-General deployed abroad that serve at the Level of Chief Director
2007/02/21Information on Parties held by the Department of Foreign Affairs between 2002 - 2006

Status with regard to the Investigation into the Conduct of an Official in the Department of Foreign Affairs

2007/02/14Status and Information on the Visit of the Deputy President to the United Arab Emirates
2007/02/14Appeal Procedures of the Disciplinary Hearings of Locally Recruited Personnel
2007/02/14Status on the Talks of the UN Secretary-General, Mr Kofi Annan with the South African Government regarding a Visit to Zimbabwe
2007/01/10Resolution passed by Parliament on the situation in the Middle East
2007/01/10Annual Reports of the Department of Foreign Affairs
2007/01/10Obtaining of Information through the Promotion of Access to Information Act

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