Status on whether any South African Ambassador, High Commissioner and staff members are accomodated in accomodation other than official residence.


QUESTION NO: 157          

       Mr K Mudu (DA) to ask the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation:

  1. Whether any (a) South African Ambassador, (b) High Commissioner and (c) staff members are accommodated in accommodation other than official residences paid for by the Government; if so, (i) how many, (ii) what is the reason for this and (iii) what is the total annual cost

In respect of part (a) and (b), (i), (ii) and (iii) of the question the following:

    1. Three - Ambassador LLA Mnguni in Bissau, Guinea Bissau, Ambassador GJ Grobler in Tokyo, Japan and High Commissioner AS Nkomo in Ottawa, Canada.
    2. Bissau is a new mission that is being opened. An Official Residence has been identified and Amb Mnguni will move into the residence during November 2009, as soon as the basic furniture and equipment for the residence has arrived in Bisau.

Ambassador Grobler is accommodated in rented accommodation as the state-owned residence in Tokyo is presently considered unsafe and is due to undergo extensive refurbishments. The refurbishment project is in planning stage and it is expected that construction work will commence in April 2010.
High Commissioner Nkomo is accommodated in rented accommodation while the state-owned official residence is under renovation. It is expected that the High Commissioner will move back into the state owned accommodation by January 2010.

1. The cost of temporary accommodation for Amb Mnguni is Euro 3,005.00 per month, Euro 30,060.00 per annum, Rand 335,826.00 per annum.

The cost of temporary accommodation for Amb Grobler is Yen 1.9 million per month, Yen 22.8 million per annum, Rand 1,949,692.00.
The cost of temporary accommodation for HC Nkomo, is C$ 7,500.00 per month, C$ 90,000 per annum, Rand 639,734.

In respect of part (c), (i), (ii) and (iii) of the question the following:

  1. Three - Messrs N Maleswena and G Du Preez in N’djamena, Chad and Ms R Lotter in Niamey, Niger.
  2. All three missions are new Missions and in the process of being established. The officials in N’Djamena are staying in self catering hotel apartments. Due to the security situation in Chad, South African security institutions advised that the officials should stay in the relatively secure hotel environment until the threat has passed. Ms Lotter identified a residence and will take occupation of the residence as soon as her consignment of furniture and household equipment arrives in Niamey. 
  3. The cost of the self catering hotel accommodation in respect of Messrs Maleswena and Du Preez is CFA 2,865,000.00 per official per month, CFA 34,380,000.00 per official per year, R 598,592.00 per official per year. The cost of temporary accommodation in respect of Ms Lotter is CFA 2,475,000.00 per month, CFA29,700,000.00 per year, R 517,108.00 per year. 


Transferred staff members who are on transfer are, in cases where there is no state-owned accommodation available, accommodated in hotels or self-catering apartments for a period of up to 30 days. During this period officials must find suitable accommodation within the norms and standards of the Department. Officials who exceed the 30 day limit is penalised by a reduction in their allowances should they not be able to present acceptable reasons why they could not find suitable accommodation.




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