Statement by the Mediator on the Recent Developments in Madagascar

1. The protracted crisis in Madagascar has remained a matter of great concern to the Malagasy people, SADC, AU, UN, OIF and the international community as a whole.

2 Despite concerted efforts by the SADC Mediator, the International Contact Group on Madagascar, the African Union, the International Organization of Francophonie and the United Nations to restore constitutional order in Madagascar, there are still outstanding issues to be resolved.

3. The Maputo Agreements and the Addis Ababa Additional Act signed by the four Mouvances and adhered to by 69 Malagasy stakeholders are yet to be fully implemented. It is generally acknowledged by leaders of the political movements and other stakeholders that the Maputo Agreements and the Additional Act of Addis Ababa, despite challenges faced in the implementation, continue to be the most viable option in the process to end the crisis in Madagascar and an essential foundation for leading an inclusive and consensual transition in the shortest time possible.

4. The Mediator takes note of the recent developments in Madagascar, reiterates that unilateralism is unacceptable and would like to remind the political leaders of Madagascar of their commitments made before the Malagasy people and the international community to pursue a consensual and inclusive process to return the country to constitutional normalcy.

5. The Mediator strongly believes that Madagascar’s route to constitutional normalcy should be done through a process that is inclusive, consensual and credible. Therefore he urges the Malagasy political leaders to engage in a true process of reconciliation, negotiate and agree on a consensual and realistic roadmap/timetable for the electoral process, and to establish with immediate effect a consensual transitional government as well as an inclusive National Independent Electoral Commission that would take overall responsibility for the organization and conduct of the electoral process, so as to ensure inclusive, transparent, credible, free and fair elections.

6. The Mediator, in full appreciation of all agreements made and recognizing efforts deployed from Antananarivo, Maputo, Addis Ababa and Pretoria, reiterates that only dialogue and a spirit of compromise will lead Madagascar out of prevailing crisis. In this regard, he urges all the Malagasy political leaders to return expeditiously to the negotiating table and make the necessary concessions to reach a durable solution, in the supreme interest of the Malagasy nation.

7. The Mediator remains committed to helping Malagasy political stakeholders to engage in such a constructive dialogue and, as envisaged in the Pretoria meeting held on 28 – 30 April 2010, is conducting consultations with the view to holding another meeting in Pretoria as soon as possible to resolve all outstanding issues and achieve a lasting and durable solution to the Malagasy crisis.

Issued by Joaquim Chissano, SADC Mediator

14 May 2010

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Dr. John Tesha 082 786 3362

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