Status on the current Travel Agents / Travel Service Providers used by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation



QUESTION NO: 606 (NW649)



Mr DJ Stubbe (DA) to ask the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation:

  1. Which travel agents/travel service providers are currently used by her department and (b) (i) how and (ii) when were they appointed;

  2. What is (a) the budgeted amount and (b) actual expenditure paid to each of the service providers for departmental travelling costs during the financial year (i) 2007-08, (ii) 2008-09 and 2009-10?


(1) (a) Travel with Flair and BCD Connex Travel,


(i) The Travel agents were appointed through open competitive bidding process and normal Departmental procurement procedures were followed;

(ii) Both service providers were first appointed on 01 April 2008 and the contract ended on 30 November 2010.  Travel with Flair was further appointed through the normal open competitive bidding process on 01 December 2010 and are contracted to the Department up to 30 November 2012. 

(2) (a) Budgeted amount

(i) 2007-08 There was no contract entered into with any travel agent during this period. 

(ii) 2008-09 There was no separate budget allocation for travel agents.
                  R119 021 890.00 was budgeted for the total costs of travelling for Head Office.

(iii) 2009-10 There was no separate budget allocation for travel agents.
                  R114 879 492.00 was budgeted for the total costs of travelling for Head Office.

(b) Actual Expenditure paid to service providers for departmental travelling costs:-

(i) 2007-08 Travel arrangements were done on a quotation basis per each trip, there was no particular travel agent that the Department was contracted to. 

(ii) 2008-09 Departmental Expenditure (Travelling) R115 993 525.91

BCD Connex Travel (Service fees)        R1 158 806.85

Travel With Flair       (Service fees)       R1  694 368.00

Total Expenditure     (Service fees)       R2 853 174.85

Total amount                                        R118 846 700.76

(iii) 2009-10 Departmental Expenditure (Travelling) R110 970 332.29
BCD Connex Travel (Service fees)        R   909 343.99

Travel With Flair (Service fees)             R2 942 916.00

Total Expenditure (Service fees)           R3 852 259.99

Total amount                                       R114 822 592.28


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