Appeal by Deputy Minister Ebrahim Ebrahim to the kidnappers of a South African citizen

Explanatory note: Below, we publish an appeal made by Deputy Minister Ebrahim Ebrahim addressed to the kidnappers of Mr Pierre Korkie, a South African citizen who has been in captivity in Yemen since May 2013. Deputy Minister Ebrahim made the appeal through Yemeni television whilst in that country for consultations with the Government of Yemen. Arrangements were made for a signed version of the appeal to be sent directly to the kidnappers.

The appeal:

Bismi-llahi r-ra mani r-ra im (in the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful)

My name is Ebrahim Ebrahim. I am the Deputy Minister of International Relations of South Africa. I have come to Yemen to plead for the release of Mr Pierre Korkie, a citizen of my country.

South Africa is a country of peace, friendship and goodwill. A country that supports the struggles of people everywhere for dignity and justice, from Palestine on one side of the world to Myanmar on the other.

Pierre Korkie is gravely ill and desperately needs medical attention. His life is in danger.  Islam enjoins us to show mercy and forbids us from harming the sick, even in war. I beg those who are holding him to release him without delay.

South Africa is a developing country and the Korkies are not a rich family. I appeal to you to cooperate with all initiatives so that Pierre Korkie can come home for the treatment he needs to save his life and be reunited with his family.

When the Prophet (SAW) sent Muaadh (RA) to Yemen, he advised him saying: ‘Show leniency to the people, don’t be hard on them.’ I plead with you to show leniency to Pierre.

The Quran commands: ‘Whoever kills an innocent human being, it is as if he has killed all of mankind. And whoever saves the life of one, it is as if he has saved the life of mankind.’

The people of South Africa thank you for the mercy you have shown to Yolande Korkie. Now we beg you to save the life of Pierre, an innocent South African teacher who came to Yemen to contribute to uplifting your wonderful land.

Fee Amanillah

Sana’a, 20 January 2014

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