Monthly rental costs for the PAP and the detailed breakdown of these costs




QUESTION NO: 1315 (NW1611E)



1. What is the monthly rental cost for the PAP and the detailed breakdown of these costs?

2. How much has been spent by her department on (a) car hire for the President of the PAP and (b) the cost of running the official residence for the President of the PAP in the 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14.

3. Who provides IT services to the PAP at present and how much has been spent on IT services in 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14 financial years.

4. What (a) other expenses is South Africa responsible for in terms of the PAP host agreement and (b) what are the details of the expenditure for each expense?


1. The Monthly rental to the PAP is R3 550 472.09 p/m and R42 605 665.08 p/a

The Department of Public Works (DPW) is the responsible entity for signing the lease agreement, rent payment and municipal charges. Below is the breakdown of the space under rental and related municipal chargers and cost.

Floor area of (14 352 m²) occupied by PAP:
Chambers – 3 565 m²
Plenary – 350 m²
Break-away areas - 250 m²
Boardrooms – 350 m²
Offices – 9 587 m²
Catering facilities – 250 m²

Municipal charges; water, electricity and refuse
R404 842 p/m
R4 858 103 p/a

2. (a) The PAP is responsible for transport provision for its President regarding all his non-statutory visits to South Africa. As per an agreement reached between the PAP and DIRCO’s Corporate Services Unit, it is the responsibility of the PAP to provide transport for the above-stated visits and submit reconciled expenditure records of transport cost to the DIRCO for possible refund. Thus far, no records for refund have been submitted to the DIRCO.

(b)The residence of the PAP President is the property of government and the Department of Public Works is responsible for its maintenance.

3. (a) As per the Host Country Agreement signed between the AUC on behalf of the PAP and the Republic of South Africa, the DIRCO through either issuance of a tender or deployment of DIRCO ICT officials, renders support to the PAP.

(b) The DIRCO has been engaged in the process of sourcing a Service Provider for scheduled upgrade of the entire ICT infrastructure at the PAP. There is a budget set aside for this exercise and the DIRCO ICT unit is busy with needs analysis and tender processes.

Previously, Integ8te Inc was appointed through a tender process and a Service Lease Agreement (SLA) was entered into to provide ICT support to the PAP. From the period July 2011 until February 2012, an amount of R736 081.70 on a monthly basis was paid to Integ8te Inc. As things currently stand, the PAP is responsible for the maintenance of its ICT infrastructure with intermittent support from the DIRCO ICT when required. The DIRCO is in the process of finalising a settlement for the renewal of Microsoft licences for the PAP. The cost supplied by the PAP and Microsoft to the DIRCO for this purpose is $172 832, 36.

4. As per the provisions of the Host Country Agreement, the DIRCO is further responsible for the provision of the following:

  • Interpretation and Translation Facilities, for the period 2012- April until 2015 an amount of R2 761 992 was disbursed for this purpose.

  • The DIRCO is responsible for the provision ground transport for Members of Parliament including the Bureau during statutory Sessions. For the past three Sessions (4th Session of the Second Parliament and the 1st and the 2nd Session of the Third Parliament, DIRCO spent through a tender an amount of 3,6 Million Rand). These Sessions covered the period October 2012 until March 2014.

  • The DIRCO is also responsible for the Provision of Security and Accreditation Facilities to the PAP during Sessions. This service is provided by the competent State Institutions at a cost to the DIRCO.

  • The DIRCO maintains the CCTV and Scanners at the PAP buildings. These were not maintained in the period under request.



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