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(Only fingerprints are done at the South African Consulate-General in Qatar, as a Police Clearance Certificate is a personal matter that the applicant must attend to.)

Procedure regarding Police Clearance Certificate

Step One

  • You come to the Embassy and we take your finger prints and advise you how to send it to Criminal Record Centre-SAPS. You will be provided with all the information.

South African nationals who work, travel and reside abroad require a Police Clearance Certificate for purposes such as court requirements, residence permission, securing employment or other purpose designated by the host country.  Therefore the service from the SAPS – Criminal Record Centre is available to South Africans who require confirmation of their criminal status.  Please take note that the application for a Police Clearance Certificate is a personal matter that the applicant must attend to and the issuing of a clearance certificate is the sole responsibility of the SAPS – Criminal Record Centre.

 The Head (Attention:  Police Clearance Certificates)

 Tel:  (012) 393-3709 / 393-3928 or 393-3712

 Fax:  (012) 393-3909

 E-mail:  crc_nameclear@saps.org.za or crc_client@saps.org.za or


 Website:  www.saps.gov.za (refer to information under the heading FAQ’s – Application for Police Clearance Certificates (PCC) for further information.

SAPS said that it takes about 28 working days to issue a certificate
Office hours are from 07:30 -16:00

Step Two

  • You send it yourself, how?
  • You can use any reputable courier company (e.g. DHL or Sky net)- instruct the company to do the following:
    • From Doha, courier company must send your application to the Criminal Record Centre-SAPS
    • Within 28 working days (after it has been processed), your Police Clearance Certificate must be taken to the Department of International Relations & Cooperation (previously known as the Department of Foreign Affairs South Africa) to be authenticated.

Documents can be submitted to the Legalisation Section by one of the following means:

  • In person (Documents submitted personally can only be collected on proof of receipt);
  • By Courier (return service paid by the customer). The courier will be supplied with a collection slip which will be needed for the collection of the documents. We have found that some documents are being forwarded to incorrect addresses, for example a document destined for Durban was sent to Dubai. In order to address this problem the Department will in future not release documents to a courier company unless the company can provide the Legalisation Section with a letter of authority from the client wherein the client authorises the courier company to collect and forward the documents to a specified address. The Department will implement this procedure with effect from 01 November 2008. This will therefore be an additional control measure supporting the measure (the reference number on the collection slip) that is already in place;
  • By registered or fast mail. Include a self-addressed, pre-paid (no cash will be accepted) A4 size envelope to allow the Legalisation Section to return the documents to the customer upon completion. Documents forwarded by mail must be accompanied by a covering letter, depicting the number of documents to be legalised, the country for which the legalisation is required as well as the full contact details of the sender;

Postal Address

Chief Directorate: Consular Services (Legalisation Section)
Department of International Relations and Cooperation
Private Bag X152

Physical Address

Legalisation Section NE2A-Ground Floor
460 Soutpansberg Road

Tel: (012) 351 1269
Tel: (012) 351 0033
Tel: (012) 351 1232
Tel: (012) 351 1490
Fax: (012) 342 9322
Fax: (012) 351 1916

E-mail: legalisation@foreign.gov.za

Step Three

  • It must be send to the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Pretoria to be verified

Physical Address:
Embassy of the State of Qatar
355 Charles Street
Waterkloof, 0181
Tel: +27 12 452 1700
Fax: +27 12 452 1710 (Consular)

Step Four
Courier Company should send your documents back to you in Doha. Your documents are now ready to be submitted to the Foreign Ministry or Ministry of Interior of Qatar or you might be asked to come to the Embassy for further verification (it depends on the officials of the respective Ministry in Qatar).

Consular Information: http://www.dfa.gov.za/consular/legalisation.htm
Refer to Legalisation (Authentication) of Official Documents



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