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Welcome Message from the Consul-General
I am excited to receive the baton from my predecessor and I look forward to continuing to work as closely as possible with you; keeping you in the loop on matters that the South African Consulate General gets involved in.

South Africa’s democracy is maturing; considering that we will be turning 20 years in April 2014.  South Africa, the resilient country that we are, successfully hosted world class events such as the Rugby World Cup 1995, Africa Cup of Nations 1996, World Summit on Sustainable Development 2002, Cricket World Cup 2003, FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010, The 17th World Festival of Youth and Students 2010, COP 17 in March 2012, 5th BRICS Summit in March 2013 and several other major events.

There are currently approximately 206 South African companies doing business in the UAE.  Various other South African formations are present in the UAE, such as the South African Business Council (SABCO), the South African Women Association, etc.  Annually, there are business missions from the UAE to South Africa and vice versa; South African manufacturers and producers participate in exhibitions and shows in the UAE such as Gulfood, Automechanika, IDEX, etc.  There are many South Africans who are looking for distributors for their products in the UAE.  If interested, kindly contact the Mission.

As a result of these initiatives, total Trade between South Africa and the UAE for 2012 was at least ZAR 17billion; and approximately ZAR12billion worth of FDI by UAE based companies was invested in South Africa.  

South Africans living in the UAE: It is important that you register with the Mission, just in the event of any unforeseen occurrences.  I implore all you to register online (www.dirco.gov.za/consular/index.html) or by visiting either the South African Embassy in Abu Dhabi or the South African Consulate General in Dubai; whichever you find convenient to you. 

Also, the essence of the website is to equip the reader with information pertaining to business opportunities in South Africa, South Africa as the preferred tourist destination of choice and various other matters, including but not limited to Visa, Work permit, studying in South Africa, etc.

On behalf of the excellent team at Consulate General, I welcome you to our website.

Warm regards

Manabile Shogole

Consul-General of the Republic of South Africa    

Official Notice: Please be advised that all applications for visas must henceforth as of the 1st February 2017 be submitted through VFS, which is situated at Wafi Mall.

Only long term visas/permits must still be submitted at the Consulate.


“All applications for visas to South Africa must henceforth as of the 1st February 2017 be submitted through VFS offices (+971 4 2055719) in Wafi Mall, Dubai, between 9:00 – 17:00. (www.vfsglobal.com/southafrica/UAE). Only long term visas/permits must still be submitted at the South African Consulate General, Dubai.”

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