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South Africa's Representation in Dubai and the Northern Emirates

Diplomatic Officials, Dubai

Mr Fanus Schoeman, Consul-General
, Consul
Mr Daniel Jacobs
, Consul: Political
Ms Sanet Jacobs, Consul (Administration)
Ms Elsie Huma, Vice-Consul

Attached Departments:

(a) Department of Trade & Industry:
Mr Sudhir Mannie
, Consul: Economic

(b) Department of Home Affairs:
Mr Klaas Mahlangu, Consul: Immigration & Civic Services


Should South African citizens encounter serious problems whilst abroad, the Consulate-General (Mission) should be contacted for advice.

What the Mission can do:



Please take note: The Consular Official will be available at the South African Consulate-General in Dubai to act as the Commissioner of Oath on a Monday and Thursday - please contact the Consular Official on Tel: (04) 3975-222 ext. 105 or the Consular Clerk on Tel: (04) 3975-222 (ext. 103) to schedule an appointment.

(If the Consular Official is not available telephonically, please leave a clear message with your name, contact details and reason and your call will be returned, as soon as possible!)

Consular Services:

  • Police clearance (only finger prints).
  • Issue letter for local Traffic Department to clarify code on valid South African driver’s license.
  • Issue certificate of authentication.
  • Certify and witness signatures.
  • Assist with arranging for next of kin to be notified of an accident, illness or death and advise them on procedures.
  • Supply a list of local doctors / lawyers.
  • Assist South African citizens during extreme emergencies such as natural disasters and civil unrest.
  • Supply advice for the transferal of funds from the next of kin for citizens in financial distress abroad at their request.
  • Contact and visit South African citizens in prison at their request and assist with arrangements for the transfer of funds from the next of kin to the detainee.
  • Warden System.
Immigration & Civic Services:

  • Process passport applications and issue temporary passports.
  • Re-issue of a South African identity document.
  • Registration of a South African birth / death (abroad) - (new born babies, as well as late-registrations).
  • Amendments - Change of surname and/or forenames (minors & adults).
  • Rectifications of birth registrations, identity documents and/or passports.
  • Issue letter to confirm marital status (letter of no impediment).
  • Issue of marriage/birth/death certificates.
What the South African Mission cannot do:
  • Obtain visas, work/study/residence permits in other countries.
  • Act as an employment agency.
  • Pay for medical attention received, legal fees/ fines, hotel or transport accounts, or become involved in any disputes arising from these expenses.
  • Arrange for hotel/travel bookings or private meetings.
  • Give legal advice, initiate court proceedings or intervene in court proceedings.
  • Obtain a prisoners release.
  • Obtain special treatment for South African citizens in hospitals, jails and in their general dealings with the local authorities, than what is provided for local citizens.
  • Attend to banking/financial arrangements on behalf of members of the public.
  • Assist dual nationals in their country of second nationality.
  • Store luggage.
  • Facilitate/advice on household removal procedures (furniture, cars, pets, general import duty information).
  • Obtaining a new format South African Drivers’ License.

Head of Mission
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