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AIRPORTS: Cape Town International; Johannesburg International; Durban International; Port Elizabeth; East London; George; Kimberley; Pilanesburg; Mpumalanga; Limpopo; Bloemfontein; and Upington.
RAIL & BUS: South Africa has an extensive rail network, connecting most of the major cities and towns. Booking must be made at least 24 hours in advance. There are a number of upmarket lines and special steam operators that offer a luxurious means of crossing the country. These should be booked through a travel agent.
ROADS: Driving in South Africa is easy to adapt to, with sign posting in English and driving on the left on well-maintained roads. Your home driving licence is accepted if it has your photo. An International Driving Permit should otherwise be obtained.
HEALTH: Apart from malaria in certain areas, travel to South Africa generally poses no medical threat. Malaria prophylactics are recommended for travellers to certain areas of Mpumalanga and northern KwaZulu-Natal. For travellers entering South Africa within six days of leaving an infected area, a yellow fever vaccination certificate is required.
WEATHER: SUMMER: September - April; WINTER: May - August. South Africa's topography and surrounding oceans influence its climate, rather than the latitude. Although the climate varies from region to region, it is generally mild and sunny throughout the year. On the whole it is a dry country with a mean annual rainfall of 502 mm. Summer temperatures average between 15- 30oC (60-96oF) at midday.

CURRENCY: The unit of currency is the rand (R), which is divided into 100 cents. Notes are in R200, R100, R50, R20 and R10 and coins for smaller denominations.

The exchange rate tends to be in the international tourist's favour and you should find most goods very affordable.

TAX: Value Added Tax (VAT) of 14% is levied in South Africa. Overseas visitors taking goods out of South Africa are able to reclaim the VAT.
Obtaining Visa

Obtaining a visa to visit South Africa can be done at the South African Embassy in Abu Dhabi or at the South African Consulate in Dubai.

Abu Dhabi:
Najda Street, Villa No. 12A,
Madinant Zayed, Abu Dhabi.
P O Box 29446
Abu Dhabi

Tel: +97 12 633-7565
E-mail: saemb@emirates.net.ae

Khaleed bin al Waleed Street,
New Sharaf Building, 3rd Floor, Bur Dubai
P O Box 34800

Tel: +97 14 397-5222
E-mail: sacons@emirates.net.ae

For more information on visa requirements, visit the Embassy’s informative and well-maintained website with a host of interesting links at http://www.southafrica.ae

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