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The EU Multilateral desk currently engages on a number of dialogues within the ACP-EU relationship. These include the Joint Parliamentary Assembly, and the ACP-EU Council of Ministers, and the Ministerial Trade Committee. There are other technical dialogues which South Africa engages in with regards to the ACP, which include fisheries and development co-operation.

The ACP group is of vital importance to South Africa with regards to the fulfilment of South African foreign policy in that the dialogue allows for North-South dialogue (ACP countries and the EU), South-South co-operation (through inter-ACP relations), and the upliftment and development of the South through the various resolutions that are drafted, and the political engagements which occur.

Additionally, the ACP group of states, and the ACP-EU relationship allows South Africa access both directly and indirectly with countries forming part of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), the G77 + China, the G20, the G8, and NATO as well as the United Nations Security Council. It is through this relationship that South Africa’s emphasis on multilaralism is realised and engagement in global governance is carried out, effecting change for all members of the global community.

Within the ACP-EU meetings, issues of global importance are discussed, such as climate change, the global economic and financial crisis, trade, crime and justice, migration, health, education, social enhancement and culture to name a few. On all these topics South Africa is a keen participate determined to continue to create benefits for the South African people, but also for the whole of the world’s population.
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