African Regional Industrial Property Organization (ARIPO)


ARIPO is a regional industrial organisation with 14 member states. The organisation has a potential to increase its membership. South Africa is not a member and is counted as a potential member in the near future. At present membership of ARIPO is open to states that are members of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (link to UNECA page on DFA site) and members of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU).


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Tel: 263-4-794 338/9
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Telex: 26726 ARIPO ZW


Department of Trade and Industry
Registrar of Patents Office


Objectives of the Organisation are:

a. to promote the harmonisation and development of the Industrial property laws, and matters related thereto, appropriate to the needs of its members and of the region as a whole;

b. To foster the establishment of a close relationship between its members in matters relating to Industrial Property;

c. to establish schemes for the training of staff in the administration of industrial property law;

d. to organise conferences, seminars and other meetings on industrial property matters;

e. to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences, research and studies relating to industrial property matters;

f. to promote and evolve a common view and approach of its members on industrial property matters;

g. to assist its members, as appropriate, in the acquisition and development of technology relating to industrial property matters.

The major activities of the Centre are to promote the development of indigenous technology, the acquisition of foreign technology, the adaptation of foreign technology to suit the local environment, and regional innovative activities.

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