The Americas

The Americas is characterised by a dichotomy that exists between the developed and industrialised countries of the USA and Canada, and the developing and industrialising countries of the Caribbean and Latin America. The developed countries of North America exercise and enjoy an influential role in the international political arena such as the UN Security Council, and the international financial and trading regime such as the G-8, OECD, IMF and the WTO.

The developing countries of the Caribbean and Latin America, on the other hand, are playing an increasingly important role in international political bodies and formations such as the NAM, Commonwealth and United Nations, as well as through regional economic blocs such as Mercosur/l and CARICOM. The consolidation of relations with the developed countries of the USA and Canada therefore provide a significant opportunity to further the African Agenda through the promotion of South-North dialogue and interaction, while relations with the developing countries of the Caribbean and Latin America serve to achieve this aim through the promotion of South-South dialogue and interaction.

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