South African Participation in Peace Missions

South Africa's engagement in international peace missions is informed by the White Paper on South African Participation in International Peace Missions, adopted by Parliament in October 1999, which commits the country to supporting initiatives of the United Nations and the Organisation of African Unity, where applicable, aimed at the Prevention, Management and Resolution of international conflicts.

To date, South Africa has participated in the United Nations Mission for Ethiopia/Eritrea (UNMEE), the Organisation of African Unity Liaison Mission for Ethiopia/Eritrea (OLMEE) and in the United Nations Mission for the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC). The missions entail the external deployment of South African National Defence Force members for periods ranging from one to two years, with the rotation of personnel taking place on a six-month basis.

At present, South Africa has deployed Military Liaison Observers and Staff officers in UNMEE/OLMEE and contributed specialised teams to the UN Mission in the DRC. The deployment of an initial Aero Medical Evacuation Team (AMET) and an Advance Team to MONUC was completed on 5 April 2001. The contingent has already been integrated into MONUC and will serve for an initial period of one year in the context outlined above.

The mobilisation of the rest of the South African specialised elements for MONUC, comprising of the Air Cargo Handling Teams, the Air Crash Rescue and Fire Fighting Teams and the Contingent Support Element - including Headquarters staff, Technical Support Staff and Rear Link Support Staff - is continuing as planned. The deployment of this contingent was completed on 12 May 2001.

South Africa is currently finalising a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (UNDPKO) regarding the provision of forensic services for investigations in Angola and Sierra Leone

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