Afghanistan (Transitional Islamic State of)

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History of Relations

South Africa and Afghanistan established diplomatic relations on 19 September 1994. South Africa never recognised the Taliban regime and is currently in the process of normalising relations with the current government of the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan.

Diplomatic Representation

South African Representation in Afghanistan

Representation accredited from Islamabad, Pakistan

Acting High Commissioner
Mr M M Mesatywa

Afghanistan Representation in South Africa

Representation is in the process of being negotiated.

Travel Info

Visa Requirements for South Africans

For more information contact the South African High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Tel: 09-9251-226-2354/5/6

Fax: 09-9251-225-0140


Health Info

Visitors to Afghanistan have to be up to date on polio (10-year vaccine), tetanus (10-year vaccine) and typhoid (mostly three-year vaccine). In addition, protection against hepatitis A and B and rabies is advised. Malaria exists all year round in much of Afghanistan at altitudes of less than 200 metres: take advice from your medical doctor on preventive medication.

For further information go to Travelers' Health.

Climate Info

Hot, dry summers - reaching over 50 degrees Celsius in the deserts of the southwest - are complemented by bitter winters - with temperatures plunging to minus 40 or 50 degrees in certain mountain regions. Afghanistan has four distinct seasons - each approximately three months long (winter lasts from November to March and summer from June to August). Out of five main cities Kabul, the capital (at 1,800 metres) is the highest in elevation. Average temperatures for January are minus 2,8 degrees Celsius and for July 24,4.

For up-to-date weather information click here.


The monetary unit is the Afghani, which is divided into 100 puls. Afghanistan has no functioning banks and no one takes credit cards. US Dollars and Pakistani Rupees are the best - currency trading is one of the few thriving industries in the country. In October 2002 the rate of exchange was about 4726 Afghanis to the US Dollar.

For current exchange rates click here.

State and Official Visits / Bilateral Meetings

No information

Bilateral Agreements

If you have any queries with regard to treaties please contact the Treaty Section at 012 351 0872/0851/0837.

Trade Info

South Africa's main exports to Afghanistan include parts for boilers and machinery, trailers and semi-trailers, beauty and make-up preparations / oils & resinoids / perfumery and petroleum jelly / paraffin wax / microcrystalline / mineral fuels. Afghanistan's main exports to South Africa include carpets and other textile floor coverings, and machines and mechanical appliances.

For current information on trade statistics between South Africa and Afghanistan, visit the web site of the Department of Trade and Industry of South Africa

Interest Groups and Information

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