Foreign Representatives in South Africa

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Uganda (Republic of)
(High Commission of the Republic of)
882 Church Street

Postal Add:
P O Box 12442

Tel: 012 342 6031/3
Fax: 012 342 6206

High Commissioner Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary - H E Ms B O Nekesa

Counsellor - N Kintu
Counsellor (Consular) - B R Bitahoro

First Secretary - S Nakamya (Ms)

Second Secretary - D L Kalikola

Third Secretary - C G Natukunda (Ms)

Attaché (Admin) - J M Nabachwa (Ms)
Attaché (Finance) - R Eriechu
Attaché (Immigration) - J I Jogole (Ms)

Defence Advisor - Brig. Gen. G J Etyang

National Day: 9 October  
(Embassy of)
398 Marais Street

Postal Add:
P O Box 57291

Tel: 012 460 1946
Fax: 012 460 1944

Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary - H E Ms L Abravitova

First Secretary (Economic) - O Romanovskyy
First Secretary (Security) - A Sobchak

Second Secretary - A Synelnykov

Third Secretary - O Rozumna (Ms)

Attaché (Defence, Air and Naval) - Col. O Kvasiuk

National Day: 24 August  
United Arab Emirates
(Embassy of the)
992 Arcadia Street

Postal Add:
P O Box 57090

Tel: 012 342 7736
Fax: 012 342 7738



Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary - H E Mr M S S M Alhameli

First Secretary - F Y O B Alsuwaidi (Ms)

Second Secretary - H O J M Alshamsi

Third Secretary (Political & Economic) - D M R B Alyammahi

Attaché (Admin) - S A S A Aldhahri

Attaché (Military) - Lt. Col. J A E N Alzaabi

Assistant Attaché (Military) - W.O. A M A M A Alnaqbi
Assistant Attaché (Military) - S S S A Alshehhi
Assistant Attaché (Military) - M G O G Alshamsi

National Day: 2 December  
U K of Great Britain & Northern Ireland
(High Commission of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland)

"Her Britanic Majesty's High Commission"
255 Hill Street

Tel: 012 421 7500
Fax: 012 421 7555



High Commissioner - H E Mr A J Phillipson

Counsellor (Deputy High Commissioner) - A W Bye

Counsellor (Campaigns) - E Parrot (Ms)
Counsellor (Corporate Services) - B T Lyon
Counsellor (Development) - R J Rudy
Counsellor (Law Enforcement Liaison) - C D Orrick
Counsellor (Police Liaison Officer/Metropolitan Police) - J P Mearns
Counsellor (Political) - A Horne
Counsellor (Political) - R L Goodwill (Ms)
Counsellor (Prosperity) - N K Latta
Counsellor (Trade) - M J Phelan
Counsellor - M Reynolds
Counsellor - A W Bye
Counsellor - T J Graham (Ms)

First Secretary (Regional Commercial Adviser) - C H Chalemera (Ms)
First Secretary (Regional Portfolio Officer) -  T O’Rourke
First Secretary (Corporate Services) / Political) - K A Clyde (Dr)
First Secretary (Technical Management) - K R Howlett
First Secretary (Political) - R J Woods
First Secretary (Political) - A O  Dady
First Secretary (Political) - A D Stevens
First Secretary (Political) - D M Dholakia (Ms)
First Secretary (Political) - S R Hinricher (Ms)
First Secretary (Political) - A Darker
First Secretary (Political) - N Bradley
First Secretary (Political) - T J Ward
First Secretary (Political) - V White (Ms)
First Secretary (Crown Prosecution Service) - D J Hooper (Ms)
First Secretary (Development Adviser) - O O’Connor
First Secretary (Development) - G N Lafferty
First Secretary (Fiscal Liaison Officer) - J R Osborne
First Secretary (Global Development) - W G Hines
First Secretary (Immigration) - P A Delaney
First Secretary (International Academy Africa) - J L Bowyer (Ms)
First Secretary (Management) - A K Bubbear
First Secretary (Head of Prosperity Fund Programme Team) - R E Tron (Ms)
First Secretary (Overseas Security Manager) - J S Brayson
First Secretary (Overseas Security Manager) - D A Blackman
First Secretary (Technical Works) - J Dean
First Secretary - R A McNair
First Secretary - I J Stewart
First Secretary - I McClymont
First Secretary - D A Barnett

Second Secretary (M H Consul) - J E Olivier (Ms)
Second Secretary (H M Consul) - E A Walker (Ms)
Second Secretary (Airline Liasion) - G N Gafoor
Second Secretary (Airline Liasion) - A K Spencer
Second Secretary (Airline Liasion) - W Alexander
Second Secretary (Consular) - M C Crozier
Second Secretary (Crown Prosecution) - S J McCarthy (Ms)
Second Secretary (Fiscal Crime Liaison Officer) - D T D  McKenzie-Cook
Second Secretary (Governance Advisor) - N Neuss (Ms)
Second Secretary (Global Development) - W R J Guest
Second Secretary (Immigration) - M D Parnell
Second Secretary (Law Enforcement) - S M Cobbold
Second Secretary (Management) - M G Wilson
Second Secretary (Regional Affairs Officer) - G R Kanekkeberg
Second Secretary (Political) - C R Mitchell (Ms)
Second Secretary (Political) - L C Norman-Walker (Ms)
Second Secretary (Technical Management) - K M Gibbs
Second Secretary (Technical Management) - A Sookdeo
Second Secretary (Technical Services) - P J Oliver
Second Secretary (Technical) - O R King
Second Secretary - A A Tenger
Second Secretary - P J Anderson

Third Secretary (Entry Clearance Officer) - J P Throup
Third Secretary (Political) - E Deakin
Third Secretary (Political) - W E Jones
Third Secretary (Consular) - M Gargan
Third Secretary (Consular) - J Yagnik (Ms)
Third Secretary (Chancery) - T Hyman (Ms)
Third Secretary (Chancery) - S J Hewer (Ms)
Third Secretary (Immigration) - S Nawaz (Ms)
Third Secretary (Immigration) - R S Pelton
Third Secretary (Immigration) - J Stewart
Third Secretary (Immigration) - K Tory
Third Secretary (Immigration) - J S Edwards
Third Secretary (Immigration) - K C H Chang (Ms)
Third Secretary (Immigration) - M D Gibson
Third Secretary (Immigration) - S E O’Brien (Ms)
Third Secretary (Immigration) - J R D A Barrett
Third Secretary (Immigration) - R C Thickett
Third Secretary (Immigration) - A R Duncan
Third Secretary - P C Buxton (Ms)
Third Secretary - R Mayat

Third Secretary (Technical Services) - G A A Forbes
Third Secretary (Technical Works Officer) - W L  Hensby
Third Secretary (Technical Works Officer) - C Coombs

Defence Attaché - T Harris
Deputy Defence Adviser - Wing Comm. A J Green

Her Britanic Majesty's High Commission
Cape Town
91 Parliament Street
Cape Town

Tel: 021 461 7220
Fax: 021 461 0017
High Commissioner Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary - H E A Grant

Counsellor - H C Mealins (Ms)
Department for International Development
225 Hill Street

Tel: 012 421 7500
Fax: 012 421 7777
Counsellor - S T Wardell
Counsellor (Development) - C B Austin

First Secretary (Senior Investment Climate Adviser) - F H C Scott
First Secretary (Development) - C W H Morris
First Secretary (Economic Adviser) - E S Brower (Ms)
First Secretary (Climate Change) - G S Cashmore (Ms)
First Secretary - R Thomas
First Secretary - K M English
First Secretary - D J Pedley
First Secretary - M L Dyble
First Secretary - E Arthy
First Secretary (Economic Adviser) - G M A Symons
First Secretary - C F Arnolds (Ms)
First Secretary (Trade & Enterprise Adviser) - P S D V Gooday

Second Secretary - A Bromley
Second Secretary - E R McGarva
Second Secretary (Economy) - C L O’Neill (Ms)
Cultural Office
33 Hoofd Street
Forum 1
Ground Floor

Postal Add:
P O Box 30637

Tel: 011 718 4300
Fax: 011 718 4400
Counsellor (Consular Regional Director) - K E Green

First Secretary (Consular) - A M Marriott Halimeh (Ms)
First Secretary (Immigration) - R H De Klerk (Ms)

Second Secretary (Immigration) - J A Collins (Ms)
Second Secretary (Immigration) - S B Ahmed
Second Secretary (Consular) - Q Eyre-Wilson

Third Secretary (Immigration / Entry Clearance Officer) - M U F Bhatti
Third Secretary (Immigration/Entry Clearance Officer) - N Lawford
Third Secretary (Immigration/Entry Clearance Officer) - S K  Cheema (Ms)
Third Secretary (Overseas Counter Fraud Officer) - H J Ferguson
Third Secretary (Consular) - T B Connolly
Third Secretary (Consular) - M R Player
Third Secretary (Consular) - A Green
Third Secretary (Consular) - K-A Baker (Ms)
Third Secretary (Managament) - O O Odanye
Third Secretary (Immigration) - P J Michael
Third Secretary (Immigration) - D A W Jolliffe
Third Secretary (Immigration) - S M Fryer (Ms)
Third Secretary (Immigration) - D A W Jolliffe
Third Secretary (Immigration) - A Newlands
Third Secretary (Immigration) - D R Bowden
Third Secretary (Immigration) - E Pavey
Third Secretary (Immigration) - I T Ogunbanjo
Third Secretary (Immigration) - K J Carter
Third Secretary (Immigration) - C E Davison
Third Secretary (Immigration) - P A Jones
Third Secretary (Immigration) - D J Cartwright
Third Secretary (Immigration) - M E Atkins
Third Secretary (Immigration) - W J Osborn (Ms)
Third Secretary (Immigration) - C Skinner

Commercial Office
Dunkeld Corner
275 Jan Smuts Avenue
Dunkeld West

Postal Add:
P O Box 1082

Tel: 011 537 7000
Fax: 011 537 7250


Counsellor (Commercial) - B Gallagher
Counsellor - C Gobby

First Secretary (Commercial) - F Addiscott
First Secretary (Commercial) - S P Jordan-Kirwan

Second Secretary (Commercial) - J Wooldridge (Ms)
Second Secretary (Commercial) - N P Dickerson

Third Secretary (Commercial) - C Wilson
Third Secretary (Commercial) - D M Ahern
Third Secretary (Immigration) - A G Lewis
Information Section

Postal Add:
P O Box 1693

Tel: 011 327 0163
Fax: 011 327 0156
Vice-Consul - S Charlton

Cape Town
Southern Life Centre
8 Riebeeck Street
Cape Town

Postal Add:
P O Box 500
Cape Town

Tel: 021 425 3670
Fax: 021 425 1427

Consul-General - J B Reid

Vice-Consul - I D Bain
Vice-Consul (Consular) - S Brown (Ms)
Vice-Consul (Commercial) - M J Phelan

Second Secretary (Political) - R Dix (Ms)
Second Secretary (Political) - S Atkinson
Second Secretary (Island of St. Helena - No Immunities) - A Moores

Commercial Office
19th Floor
The Marine
22 Gardiner Street

Tel: 031 305 3041
Fax: 031 307 4661


Consul-General - Vacant

First Secretary (Commercial) - C J Correa

Honorary Consulate
British Cultural and Heritage Association
FWJK Court
86 Armstrong Road
La Lucia Ridge

Tel : 031 572 7259
Fax: 031 572 5157

Honorary Consul - Mr D J Warmback

Honorary Consulate
Port Elizabeth
First Bowring House
66 Ring Road
Port Elizabeth

Postal Add:
P O Box 35095
Newton Park
Port Elizabeth

Tel: 041 363 8841
Fax: 041 363 8842

Honorary Consul - Mr J R Denham
British diplomatic and consular representatives are in charge of the consular interests of Commonwealth countries not represented in the Republic of South Africa, with the exception of Papua New Guinea.
National Day: 9 June
United States of America
(Embassy of the)

877 Pretorius Street

Postal Add:
P O Box 9536

Tel: 012 431 4000
After Hours
Cell no. 082 285 2341

Fax: 012 342 2299
Fax: 012 342 2199
Fax: 012 342 2245 (Executive)
Fax: 012 342 1801 (Political)
Fax: 012 342 6163 (Economic)




Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary - Ms L J Marks

Minister Coiunsellor - H Merritt (Ms)
Minister Counsellor - J M Kowalski

Minister Counsellor (Economic) - S E Flatt
Minister Counsellor (Agricultural Affairs) - A A Abdi
Minister Counsellor (Political) - C S Brown
Minister Counsellor - P D Yeskoo

Counsellor (Admin) - J D Lavelle Jr.
Counsellor (Political) - I J McCary
Counsellor (Public Affairs) - F J Whitaker
Counsellor - C J Jackson

First Secretary (Regional Political Affairs Officer) - J G Koelm (Ms)
First Secretary (Regional Medical Officer) - M Osoro (Dr)
First Secretary (Cultural) - J L Debose
First Secretary (Cultural) - D S Mattern (Dr)
First Secretary (Economic) - D H Walker
First Secretary (Environment, Science & Technology) - R R Burns (Ms)
First Secretary (Environment, Science & Technology) - I Rios (Dr)
First Secretary (Human Resources) - M L Smith (Ms)
First Secretary (Refugee Coordinator) - R M Marks
First Secretary (Resources) - D K Young
First Secretary - M Q Seidenstriker (Ms)
First Secretary - I G H Asmal
First Secretary - R Drapcho
First Secretary - D M Cohen
First Secretary - A Valdes
First Secretary - L A Belland
First Secretary - D L Banks (Ms)
First Secretary - K J Sturr
First Secretary - F R Wilson Young (Ms)
First Secretary - A W Cook
First Secretary - D S Feldmann
First Secretary - C R Reynolds
First Secretary - M D Madyun
First Secretary - C-T G Hwang
First Secretary - K L West (Ms)

Second Secretary (Vice Consul) - R M Srivastava
Second Secretary (Economic) - M B Bradshaw (Ms)
Second Secretary (Economic) - H M Cook (Ms)
Second Secretary (Regional Affairs) - J L Sihrer (Ms)
Second Secretary (Political) - C B Carraway (Ms)
Second Secretary (Political) - S S Belcher
Second Secretary - A R Gosar
Second Secretary - D C Grier
Second Secretary - P A Pavwoski
Second Secretary - C W Ruark III
Second Secretary - L M U Phillips
Second Secretary - J A Fabbricante
Second Secretary - D M Cormier
Second Secretary - A M Schubert
Second Secretary - M M Beane (Ms)
Second Secretary - K P Spindler-Ranta (Ms)
Second Secretary - M S Frederick-Rose
Second Secretary - J L Goodman
Second Secretary - Min-Ling Chang (Ms)
Second  Secretary - B D Patterson (Ms)
Second Secretary - S J Stoiber
Second Secrretary - N C Hersh
Second Secreatry - S C Legg (Ms)
Second Secretary - D N Roberts
Second Secretary - K I Hosie (Ms)
Second Secretary - C H Pelfrey
Second Secretary - M J H Rapp (Ms)
Second Secretary - J A Sileikis
Second Secretary - A E Kornbluth (Ms)
Second Secretary - H N Wright (Ms)
Second Secretary - B K Bennett

Third Secretary (Immigration) - S Mably
Third Secretary (Political) - J H Sillin
Third Secretary (Technical Works Officer) - M A Smith
Third Secretary - T N Weik (Ms)
Third Secretary - N R Stone

Attaché (Agricultural) - K R Woody (Ms)
Attaché (Agricultural) - A S Caldwell (Ms)
Attaché (Contracting Officer) - J M Wong
Attaché (Customs) - T F Drafts
Attaché (Customs) - B T McPherson
Attaché (Economist) - B D MC Cray
Attaché (Education) - R P Rosenberg
Attaché (Engineering) - M C Theriot
Attaché (Epidemiologist) - J L Drummond (Ms)
Attaché (Fish & Wildlife) - R J Stanford
Attaché (Health) - S B Siddiqui (Ms)
Attaché  (Human Resources) - D S Reiter (Ms)
Attaché (Legal) - D C Przybyla
Attaché (Legal) - J S Dent (Ms)
Attaché (Marine) - K R Quinby
Attaché (Medical) - C H Rosenfarb
Attaché (Regional Affairs) - L W Purnell (Ms)
Attaché (Security) - D G O’Sullivan Jr.
Attaché (Security) - J W Smith
Attaché - R R Helmerick
Attaché - G T Weech-House (Ms)
Attaché - L J Stephens-Rice (Ms)
Attaché - R K Helm
Attaché - J W Rowe
Attaché - K M Nagata
Attaché - K W Covington
Attaché - D M Martyris
Attaché - R A Iglesias
Attaché - H W Wakins
Attaché - C D M Hamblin (Ms)
Attaché - B F MacDonald
Attaché - T V Friederich
Attaché - J J McKim
Attaché - J J Meyer
Attaché - J D Bloomer
Attaché - T A Bath
Attaché - S R Martin
Attaché - T M Gerst (Ms)
Attaché - J Delgado
Attaché - M K Burgin
Attaché - L E Marks (Ms)
Attaché - K C Richardson (Ms)
Attaché - J M Blandford
Attaché - E S Covington
Attaché - B L Harrell
Attaché - V D Rolfson
Attaché - D D De La Rocha
Attaché - M D Ambrosino
Attaché - J R Townsend
Attaché - D E Biehn (Ms)
Attaché - T G Lamb
Attaché - S E Green
Attaché - C R Holmes
Attaché - D E Root
Attaché - A M Robinson
Attaché - D R Johnson
Attaché - C A Liveoak

Assistant Attaché (Customs) - J T Williams
Assistant Attaché (Customs) - J Brenner
Assistant Attaché (Customs) - S Moore
Assistant Attaché (ICE) - D R Potvin
Assistant Attaché (ICE) - R Levya
Assistant Attaché (Legal) - J D Shamwell
Assistant Attaché (Legal) - M H Howard
Assistant Attaché (ICE) - J S Hernandez
Assistant Attaché (Security) - B M Chervenak
Assistant Attaché - J J Lievers
Assistant Attaché - J D Shamwell
Assistant Attaché - C Stephens
Assistant Attaché - C Z Hessenflow
Assistant Attaché - J T Slack
Assistant Attaché - R T Liston
Assistant Attaché - P Leighton

  Attaché (Air) - Lt. Col. M C Cunningham
*Attaché (Army) - A L Parker (Ms)
Assistant Attaché (Army) - Lt. Col. P O Doyle

Attaché (Marine Detachment) - Maj. A D Phillips
Attaché - (Marine Detachment) - Maj. T Espinal

Attaché (Military) - Lt Col. R M Turner

*Attaché (Naval) - D C Brown

* Accredited to Lesotho and eSwatini (Swaziland)
1 Sandton Drive

Postal Add:
P O Box 1762

Tel: 011 290 3000
Fax: 011 883 7081
Consul-General - V D Spera

Consul - D D Bard
Consul - L J Stephens-Rice (Ms)
Consul - M D Scott (Ms)
Consul - J C Bullock (Ms)
Consul - A J Billard
Consul - J H Gimbel lV
Consul - E C Eilskov
Consul - B J Jackson
Consul - Z L Landau
Consul - B D Fox
Consul - J S La Rochelle
Consul - D Freitas
Consul - C A Griffin (Ms)
Consul - B K Wingate
Consul - C C Macfoy (Ms)

Vice Consul - B J Jackson
Vice-Consul - W Steuer
Vice-Consul - M T Goldrup
Vice-Consul - D S Duane
Vice-Consul - N A Mills (Ms)
Vice-Consul - N R Rooks (Ms)
Vice Consul - A W Eaton
Vice-Consul - M K Muth
Vice Consul - R Sow (Ms)
Vice Consul - R A Beadle
Vice Consul - T E Rogers (Ms)
Vice Consul - M R Howard (Ms)
Vice-Consul - J E Powell (Ms)

Cape Town
2 Reddam Avenue

Postal Add:
Postnet Suite 50
Private BG X26

Tel : 021 702 7300
Fax : 021 702 7493

Consul-General - T P Haskell

Consul - T K Seeker
Consul - H D Howard
Consul - J T Och
Consul - C L Bake (Ms)
Consul - A P Daviet
Consul - M V Heroux (Ms)
Consul - N W Turner
Consul - W B Stevens
Consul - J E Henninger (Ms)
Consul - K-W Liao (Ms)
Consul - J L Young (Ms)
Consul - E C Shaffer (Ms)
Consul - J E Milletary
Consul - C R Baier
Consul - T G Hacking
Consul - P J McDarby
Consul - J S Jones-Radgowski (Ms)
Consul (Political / Economic Officer) - C P Kanekkeberg (Ms)

Vice-Consul - R C Hansen
Vice-Consul - J A Siko
Vice-Consul (Economic Officer) - J K Dugmore
Vice-Consul - J A Siko
Vice-Consul - D R Alderman
Vice-Consul - V E Lewis-Young (Ms)
Vice-Consul - D P Nguyen (Ms)
Vice-Consul - K L Medeiros
Vice Consul - M J Emberson

Old Mutual Building
303 West Street

Tel: 031 305 7600
Fax: 031 305 7691

Consul-General - A E Linnee (Ms)

Consul - S N Abdus-Samad
Consul - E A Orlando (Ms)
Consul - J A Cole (Ms)
Consul - T L Czerwinski

Vice-Consul - S Z Sykes (Ms)
Vice-Consul - L A Carroll
Vice-Consul - K F Fox (Ms)


United States Agency for International Development

100 Totius Street
Groenkloof X5

Postal Add:
P O Box 43

Tel: 012 452 2000
Fax: 012 452 2399

Minister Counsellor (Mission Director) - A J Karas

First Secretary (Deputy Coordinator for Power Africa) - K W Fickenscher
First Secretary (Regional Health) - A L Peetz (Ms)
First Secretary - W B Schaeffer
First Secretary - B E Oldwine (Ms)
First Secretary - S Roquitte
First Secretary - J E Kolker
First Secretary - S W Wines
First Secretary - J Rollins
First Secretary - J Crowley
First Secretary - J J Kryschtal
First Secretary - J E Schaffer
First Secretary - J N Bakken
First Secretary - M A Williams
First Secretary - R S Powers
First Secretary - J F Lawrence
First Secretary - R S Rhodes
First Secretary - M J Martin
First Secretary - L A Duncan Jr.
First Secretary - R W Mason Jr.
First Secretary - E J Santos
First Secretary - M A Luick-Martins (Ms)
First Secretary - T D Flower
First Secretary - S P Hunt
First Secretary - K T Lam (Ms)
First Secretary - L O Stoddard
First Secretary - S M Rogers (Ms)
First Secretary - W S Roden III
First Secretary - T J Donnay
First Secretary - D J Thompson
First Secretary - A M Hamelin
First Secretary - L M Walker (Ms)
First Secretary - R A Blount (Ms)
First Secretary - R A Burns
First Secretary - R V Koehring
First Secretary - J H Coulibaly (Ms)
First Secretary - T E Kalloo (Ms)
First Secretary - L L Witte (Ms)

Second Secretary - A E Frost (Dr)
Second Secretary - M Ellis (Ms)
Second Secretary - B A Chrystal
Second Secretary - C B Hillas (Ms)
Second Secretary - J A Netherton (Ms)
Second Secretary - G N Kum
Second Secretary - I Kennesy
Second Secretary - S M Duncan (Ms)
Second Secretary - D I Stonehill
Second Secretary - N K S Boayue
Second Secretary - J A Castro
Second Secretary - J G Bony

Attaché - Z Semunegus
Attaché - B T Highfill
Attaché - M Knight
Attaché - S E Meyer (Ms)
Attaché - F S Lloyd
Attaché - S S Williams
Attaché - A C Gaven (Ms)
Attaché - L J Hernandez
Attaché - T S Corley
Attaché - P M Pleva
Attaché - J Paredes (Ms)
Attaché - R K Hundle
Attaché - H L Maloney
Attaché - N D  Whitney
Attaché - A C Hasha (Ms)
Attaché - T M Tassew (Dr)
Attaché - D C Scott (Ms)
Attaché - S Carrillo
Attaché - M O Vanagas (Ms)
Attaché - R L Shelby
Attaché - J C Schumacher (Ms)
Attaché - J A Baldwin (Ms)
Attaché - M A Llacer-Salcedo (Ms)
Attaché - A C M Hadzi-Vadanovic (Ms)
Attaché - A P Stefan
Attaché - T R Owens
Attaché - G L Chaney
Attaché - J M Chasson
Attaché - E P Witte
Attaché - F N S Johnson (Ms)
Attaché - M M Thiam

Assistant Attaché (Project Development Officer) - R J Geiser
Assistant Attaché (Regional Health) - E Martin (Ms)
Assistant Attaché (Regional Health) - J R Abenstein (Ms)
Assistant Attaché (USAID) - J N Choquehuanca (Ms)
Assistant Attaché (USAID) - J Arimany
Assistant Attaché - J L Dille (Ms)
Assistant Attaché - R B E Fertziger (Ms)
Assistant Attaché - L A Perdiguerra
Assistant Attaché - P A Viala (Ms)
Assistant Attaché - T L Zearly
Assistant Attaché - R P Patel

National Day: 4 July
Uruguay (Oriental Republic of)
(Embassy of the Oriental Republic of)
Office W3
Brooklyn Court
361 Veale Street
Nieuw Muckleneuk

Postal Add:
P O Box 14818

Tel : 012 362 6521
Tel : 012 362 6522
Fax : 012 362 6523



Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary - H E Mr H L Rivas Lopez

Second Secretary & Consular - G Gonzalez Segura (Ms)

Defence Attaché - Col. E G Vaz de Vargasi
Consular Section
Office W3
Brooklyn Court
361 Veale Street
Nieuw Muckleneuk

Postal Add:
P O Box 14818

Tel : 012 362 6521
Tel : 012 362 6522
Fax : 012 362 6523

Honorary Consulate
Honorary Consul - Mr A F Volpe Poittevin
National Day: 25 August  

Uzbekistan (Republic of)
(Embassy of the Republic of)

(Embassy of the Republic of)
*Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary H E Mr R Y Isaev

*Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Uzbekistan, with residence in Ankara, Turkey.
National Day: 1 September  


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