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In 2012, South Africa and Vietnam signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Biodiversity Conservation and Protection. The bilateral agreement has helped to boost the cooperation in rhino protection. The cooperation is significant as Vietnam is considered to be a transit point of rhino horns smuggled from Africa to other countries in the region. Due to the signing of the MOU, cooperation between the South African Embassy in Hanoi and CITES Vietnam has been raised to a higher level. The Embassy facilitates the working visits by CITES officials to South Africa and functions as a provider of CITES printing materials on rhino protection.

The CITES Vietnam campaign on rhino protection by reducing to use rhino horns has attracted the participation of people from all sectors of civil society and the business community, such as; woman unions, enterprises, the scientific and academic community, leading health experts, students and pupils from universities and schools. The communication campaign includes slogans, posters and advertisement boards at airport, commercial centres and other public places.

As a result of the campaign, it is estimated that the number of Vietnamese buying or using rhino horn has reduced by 38%. The number of people convinced of the medicinal qualities and effects of rhino horn has reduced by 25.4%. The greatest reduction in the consumption of Rhino Horns can be seen in Hanoi with a reduction of 77% and a reduction of 53% of people convinced of the medicinal properties of Rhino Horn.

The survey results were anounced by Dr. TS. Teresa M. Telecky, Director of Humane Society International. She stated that, “The demand of rhino horns is one of the causes leading to the extinction of rhinos. Thus, reducing the demand of rhino horns is a necessity. The survey results show that although the programme has been implemented for a short time, it succeeds remarkably in changing the awareness of the people using rhino horns and affects their behaviour positively. The result helps us have more hope to ensure the survival of rhinos

H.E.Ms Kgomotso Ruth Magau,
Head of Mission
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