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Tourism is a fast-growing industry which is recognized by the South African government for the role it plays in economic growth and poverty reduction. Tourism plays a significant role in influencing the attainment of economic goals set by the government in the New Growth Plan which embraces a strategy for employment creation and growth and identifies where viable changes in the structure and character of production can generate a more inclusive and greener economy over the medium to long run.

Tourists are attracted to South Africa as it offers an adventurous and yet affordable opportunity to chart the large diversity of South Africa’s scenery which shows up in the wide variety of different landscapes to suit most personal preferences. A wide and untamed coastline, wide open vistas, majestic mountains and luscious forests, fields of exotic flowers, scenic beauty as far as the eye can see. Its stunning combinations of culture, history, people and landscapes have made it a dream place to visit for large numbers of tourists.

South Africa experienced significant growth rates in the tourism sector since 1994. In recent years South Africa has improved its position on global rankings of top tourist destinations. Number of visa and permits applications by Indonesians increased by 2.978 percent and in 2010 (World Cup) and 2011 it increased by 4.025 and 2.441 percent respectively.

The future outlook for tourism is promising, especially in light of the FIFA World Cup branding of South Africa in 2010. According to statistics, a total of 309,554 foreign tourists arrived in South Africa for the primary purpose of attending the 2010 FIFA World Cup between June and July and those tourists spent about R3.64 billion during their stay.

The city of Cape Town remains a primary destination for Indonesian Muslims travelling to South Africa during Ramadan. This is where, today, a thriving Malay community of Indonesian origin is in existence, in the famous “Malay Quarter” or “Bo-Kaap”, as the suburb is more commonly known. TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, has voted Cape Town the Number 1 travel destination for 2011 in the entire world.

An Air Services Agreement between South Africa and Indonesia is already in place, but due to prevailing economic circumstances the national carriers of both countries, South African Airways (SAA) and Garuda Indonesia, respectively, have not yet established direct air links. However, SAA and Singapore Airlines are members of the “Star Alliance” which could eventually entail a streamlining of air services and connection flights between Jakarta and Johannesburg via Singapore. (Both Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines offer convenient connections between South Africa and Indonesia, with both airlines flying to Johannesburg and Cape Town). These flight connections have enabled both business and cultural ties between South Africa and Indonesia to expand.

The Embassy has been actively involved in promoting and educating the Indonesian public about South Africa through various activities. The Missions hosts and participates in wine expos with the recent one being the “Wine and Cheese Expo” in Kelapa Gading from 11-27 May 2012.

Mrs Lehoko, wife of Ambassador of South Africa to Indonesia featured on MENU & VENUE episode on South Africa in July 2010 Metro TV which promoted South African cuisine and culture. Similar endeavors have been undertaken by the First Secretary (Political), Mr. M Phahlane, since arriving in Jakarta in June 201. He has hosted a number of students groups to expose them to the South African cuisine, culture and methods of cooking. The level of response has been amazing, as perceptions and misconceptions about the cultures of the two countries were dispelled. To date, the Embassy continues to engage students almost once a month on promotion of the culture and heritage of South Africa.

During the celebration of National Youth Day on 16 June 2012, South African students studying in Indonesia through scholarship programmes and other channels were convened to commemorate the day of the youth of South Africa. The students from the London School of Public Relations in Jakarta, coordinated by Mrs Edith Lehoko rendered the national anthems of the two countries at the event.
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