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Passport and Visa

All visitors to Indonesia must be in possession of passports valid for at least six (6) months as of estimated date of arrival, with proof of onward or return ticket.

South African citizens require visas for Indonesia and you should therefore approach the nearest Indonesian representative abroad/in SA for the application and issuance of a tourist or other visa.

Visitors/Tourist visas may also be obtained upon arrival at the following airports:
  1. Polonia in Medan;
  2. Sultan Syarif Kasim II in Pekan Baru;
  3. Tabing in Padang;
  4. Soekarno-Hatta in Jakarta
  5. Halim Perdana Kusuma in Jakarta
  6. Adi Sucipto in Yogyakarta
  7. Adi Sumarno in Surakarta
  8. Juanda in Surabaya
  9. Ngurah Rai in Bali
  10. Selaparang in Mataram
  11. El Tari in Kupang
  12. Sepinggan in Balikpapan
  13. Hassanuddin in Makassar; and
  14. Sam Ratulangi in Manado
Visa fees:

Visits up to 7 (seven) days : US $ 10.00
Visits up to 30 (thirty) days : US $ 25.00

Please note that no extension of stay will be granted in Indonesia and you will be required to leave the country on or before the day of expiry of your tourist stay permit.


International health certificates are not required. However, certain areas in Indonesia are prone to Malaria. Please contact the nearest Indonesian representative for further information.

It is strongly recommended that you ensure that you have sufficient medical insurance while travelling in Indonesia. This should also include sufficient coverage for a possible medical evacuation.

General Travel Advisory

Embassy wishes to caution its citizens when travelling to Indonesia. Though the embassy does not issue any travel advisories, you may wish to consult the following website www.smartraveller.gov.au/zw-cgi/view/Advice/Indonesia

It has come to the Embassy's attention that some motorists and pedestrians are being targeted at night. Extreme caution is therefore recommended when moving about at night. Where possible, travel to and from the airport should take place during the day. Taxis should be booked inside the airport terminal and only taxis belonging to Blue Bird, Silver Bird are recommended to be utilized. This also applies to travel by taxi within Jakarta.

Petty crime and pick-pocketing has increased significantly. Do not carry an excessive amount of money on you. Do not display jewellery. Avoid crowds where possible. Ensure that valuables are locked safely away in a safe deposit box at the hotel (including passport, identity documents, etc.). Carry a photocopy of your passport photo page and tourist visa page with you at all times.


As a precaution, and in support of the travel advisory above, it is strongly recommended that visitors to Indonesia register with the Embassy. This will ensure that the Embassy is aware of your whereabouts at all times. Please de-register before leaving Indonesia.

Register online:


Narcotics, pornographic literature, TV-sets, radios, arms and ammunition are strictly prohibited. Please contact the nearest Indonesian representative for further information.

Tourist information offices in Jakarta

The city’s Government Tourism Office maintains Tourist Information Offices at the Airport and in the city.

Trafficking or consumption of narcotic substances

PLEASE NOTE: Trafficking in/or possession of narcotic substances carries the death penalty in Indonesian. The Embassy is not in a position to legally assist any citizen arrested in this regard!

Citizens are also warned that the consumption of “magic mushrooms” in Bali, can often lead to severe convulsions and sometimes death! Please refrain from experimenting!

Consular Assistance for South African citizens travelling to Bali

As South Africa does not have a consular representative in Bali, please take note of the following:

a) In case of emergency please call: (021) 574 0660, email: saembcon@centrin.net.id

For information on travel to Bali, particularly with regard to an update on the security situation, it is recommended that you visit the following website:

b) Lost Passports or crisis situation:

Should a South African citizen lose their passport while on a visit or extended stay in Bali, it is recommended that they contact the Embassy immediately. The Embassy will assist you with the completion of the necessary documentation for the onward transmission to Jakarta.

Useful website for South Africans residing abroad

South Africans Abroad

South Africans Worldwide

A South African Get-Together is held on an intermittent basis. This informal gathering provides social and business networking opportunities for South Africans and friends of South Africa residing in Jakarta. The Embassy will contact those citizens registered at the embassy directly whever an occasion arises.

For information on relocating to Indonesia, see Living in Indonesia, A Site for Expatriates

For consular information pertaining to South African traveling in Indonesia, see Information for South African Citizens and Permanent Residents
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