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Training purposes and study up to three months
Please note that any study related visit for up to three months will be regulated on a visitor’s visa, but for a visit longer than three months the applicant must apply for a study permit. In the case of practical training of a foreign student or in-house practical training of a foreign employee, the Act now makes provision for these persons to be regulated on study permits, irrespective of the period of their visit.

A duly completed visa application form (BI 84E) in English

Two coloured recent passport type photographs (3x4 in size) attached to the application in the space provided.

A passport valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry date of the intended duration of stay in the RSA

Two pages of the passport must be blank in order to affix the visa and for entry/departure endorsements

Statement and/or documentation from the Bulgarian employer confirming the need for training, duration of stay and that the applicant will return to his current job on completion of his training. In case of study up to three months a letter from educational organization stating purpose, duration of the course and confirmation of payment for the course must be submitted (copies are acceptable)

Original letter from the company represented by the applicant stating purpose and duration of visit. If such letter also guarantees payment of all expenses, the confirmation of employment reflecting salary details and proof of financial means are not required.

Proof of financial means (must be submitted in case there is no financial guarantee from the SA host or the company represented by the applicant): original bank or credit card statements for the last 3 months.

Visa processing fee – US$47.00

Proof of flight itinerary booking

For minors: birth certificate and consent if not accompanied by parents: both documents must be notarised, translated into English and apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Justice.

Vaccination certificate (yellow fever): is required if the applicants are entering South Africa from the countries falling within the Yellow Fever Belt.

The copy of the original air-ticket must be submitted on collection of the visa.

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