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ROSA (Registration of South Africans Abroad)

(Please note that you cannot apply or renew your South African, or any International driver's license at this office)  For verification of South African driver's license for use abroad, the following documentation must be sent by mail or by fax to the Department of Transport directly::
  • Copy of Identity Document
  • Copy of Driver's License
  • Letter from applicant requesting verification of license
  • Contact details of applicant (including fax numbers)
  • No charge for verification where a request is received from abroad
There is no charge for verification where a request is received from abroad.  Contact details of the Department of Transport are as follows:

Department of Transport Private Bag X64 
  Cnr Borman & Pretorius Streets
  TPA Building
  Middle Floor
  Room CM7
  Republic of South Africa
Tel:  (011-27-12) 303-2718 / 303-4493
Fax: (011-27-12) 323-0043 
Contact Persons: Debbie Konstantopoulos
  Christel Marx
  Margaret Mokoebo
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Please note that starting 1 July 2005, all dogs, cats, reptiles and primates imported into South Africa need to have been implanted with a microchip.




Application form can be obtained from the Permit Office of on the Application Forms page(http://www.nda.agric.za/vetweb/ImportExport/application_forms.htm)

Room G52, Delpen Building, c/o Annie Botha and Union Street, Riviera, Pretoria

These downloadable forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader

1. Please complete the form - Application to Import Animals into South Africa in full for each animal you wish to import and send it with the R110.00 fee or proof of payment of the fee to the following address:

The Director: Veterinary Services

Import Export Policy Unit
Private Bag X138
South Africa

or fax it to : 011 - 27-12-329-8292

Permit Office:
Tel: 011 - 27-12-319-7514
011 - 27-12-319-7414
011 - 27-12-319-7503/7406 011-27-12-319-7632/3

2. To obtain a Veterinary Import Permit you need to deposit the permit fee into the Department's bank account.

3. A payment of R110.00 must for import permit must accompany the application.

4.  The payment's details is as follows:
Name of Bank : Standard Bank of South Africa
Name of Account Holder : National Department of Agriculture
Account Number : 011219556
Branch : 010845
Name of the Branch : Arcadia
Important Notice : Reference must be Importers Name & Surname

Please Note:  You are responsible for your bank charges as well as the Foreign Bank charges; the Department will not issue a permit if
the full fee of ZAR 110.00 for permit is not received.

5. In cases where you are applying on behalf of someone please make sure that you pay under that person's name or company's name.

6.  No application will be processed without proof of payment so proof of the deposit must be faxed to: (011-27-12) 329-8292; for attention: Ina Labuschagne  or a cheque for R110.00 made payable to the Director-General National Department of Agriculture, may be attached to the application form and posted to the abovementioned address.  Payments can also be made at the following office by the National Department of Agriculture:
Head Office
c/o Annie Botha and Union Street
Delpen Building
Tel No. (011-27-12) 319-7461

Kempton Park Quarantine Station
Mudfish Drive No. 3
Bonaero Park
Extension 3
Tel No. (011-27-11) 973-2827

Durban Quarantine Station
18 Stanger Street
Tel No. (011-27-31) 337-4346

Milnerton Quarantine Station                          
Bosmandam Road
Tel No. (011-27-21) 551-2050

7.  In cases where quarantine of animals is required, the importer must contact the Quarantine Officer at the port of entry:
Johannesburg  Tel (011-27-11) 973-2827 Fax (011-27-11) 973-2828
Durban Tel (011-27-31) 368-6011  Fax (011-27-31) 337-7459
Cape Town Tel (011-27-21) 551-2050 Fax (011-27-21) 551-1378
8. The Quarantine Officer will arrange the reservation for accommodation at the Quarantine Station and must complete the applicable part of the application form.

9. An Indemnity Declaration (in respect of imported animals or birds undergoing quarantine) must also be completed and attached to the application form.  This Indemnity Declaration form can also be obtained from the Permit Office.

10. Following receipt of the completed application form, a Veterinary Import Permit will be issued and sent directly to you.

11. A Veterinary Health Certificate will also be sent to you with the Veterinary Import Permit.  This needs to be completed, in English, and signed by a veterinarian authorised thereto by the Veterinary Administration of the exporting country (Veterinary Administration of the United States), within 10 days of departure.

Please contact any of the following:  Dr. Richard R. Breitmeyer (State Veterinarian) in California at (916) 654-0881, Dr. Huntly (State Veterinarian) in Albany at (518) 457-3502 or the USDA Vet at Kennedy Airport at (718) 553-1727 for more information.

12.  If any information is needed on the exact requirements for a specific animal or animal product, specimen copies of the Veterinary Import Permit and the Veterinary Health Certificate can be obtained from the Permit Office.

13.  The following must be presented to the South African Veterinary Import Control Officer at the Port of Entry:

    -  Original Veterinary Import Permit

    -  Original Veterinary Health Certificate

    -  Any other documentation specified, e.g.: Indemnity Declaration, Rabies Vaccination Certificate, etc.
*   If the Veterinary Health Certificate does not comply with the regulations the animal/animals will be returned to their point of departure or will be placed in quarantine for a period of 60 days, if accommodation is available.

Remember: Import permits are valid for a limited period only.

14.  The Directorate Veterinary Services, Sub-Directorate Import Export Control in Pretoria will be able to assist you should any further information be required.

Contact Persons:
Mrs Ina Labuschagne (011-27-12) 319-7514
Ms Janine September   (011-27-12) 319-7475
Ms Portia Segone  (Fax Room)  (011-27-12) 319-7632
  (011-27-12) 319-7632
  (011-27-12) 319-7503
  (011-27-12) 319-7406
15. Please state on the application form whether the permit will be collected or mailed to you.

16.  Please also note that it takes three (3) to four (4) working days to process the permit if the state vet approves it.

17.  Please note that to import meat for own use from neighbouring countries please use only "application for hunting trophies & Meat for own use".

18.  In cases where the permit is going to be collected please confirm with permit office telephonically whether the permit is ready before you come to collect.

19.  In cases of importing wet/dry hides & skins the application form must be confirmed by the state vet in the area that the facility is approved by this office.

20.  People importing live animals e.g. cattle, sheep, goats, horses etc (not cats & dogs) must bet a livestock improvement permit before we issue the veterinary import permit.
21.  For livestock improvement permits please contact:
Hazel Madikologa (011-27-12) 319-7438
Thabiso Rathaga (011-27-12) 319-7429
22.  Please note that it is a condition of the import permit that dogs/cats imported into South Africa should be booked as "manifested cargo" and NOT as "excess baggage".

23.  The following helpful information was received from the South African Airways regarding the transportation of pets

*Livestock enters South Africa as manifested cargo in the temperature-controlled hold of the aircraft. Cabin stowage is not permitted. Dogs and cats must be older than 8 weeks.

*As available space could be a problem you are advised to book well in advance when transporting pets.

*Contact the Airline you are using to find out what their specific requirements are.

As members of the public have been experiencing problems when transferring the fee of R110.00 to South Africa, arrangements have been made for an amount of $18.00 (in money order) payable to the South African Consulate General in Los Angeles to pay for the import fee.  Mail the money order to:

South African Consulate General
6300 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 600

Los Angeles, CA 90048
Consular Section
NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. The money can only be paid by postal money order. All personal checks will immediately be returned.

A receipt for $18.00 will be issued and sent to you by the South African Consulate. You should then send this official receipt and your application form to the Department of Animal Health in Pretoria.

Please refer to the US Dept. of Agriculture's International Animal Export Regulations at http://www.aphis.usda.gov/regulations/vs/iregs/animals/animal_south_africa.shtml

It is recommended that you contact a local Veterinary Service Area Office to help you with details of your pet's travel.

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Any South African Mission abroad can execute the authentication of documents.  Contact the closest South African Embassy/Consulate for an appointment.  Authentications are prepared free of charge.

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South Africans can contact the closest South African Embassy/Consulate to request for application form for Police Clearance Certificate.  However, the applicant is responsible to send the application form to the South African Police Service in South Africa.

Click here for further information regarding the requirements to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate. 
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