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Business Hours : 09h00 – 12h00
Please note that no incomplete applications will be accepted.
N.B In case of repatriation fee , only original receipts will be accepted  for refund.
Downloadable Forms:
South African Passport  : BI-73
Visa information & application forms : BI-84
Work Permit  : BI-1738
Study Permit    : BI-1738
Exchange Permit : BI-1738
Retired Permit  : BI-1738
Relatives Permit : BI-1738
Medical treatment Permit : BI-1738

For more information about Consular and Civic Service refer to this link


The South African Embassy would like to encourage all South Africans visiting Equatorial Guinea to register themselves on the Rosa system. This would enable them to locate all South African citizens in Equatorial Guinea in case of emergency and to provide necessary consular assistance.

Do you want to visit Equatorial Guinea?  Then register yourself on the ROSA system to enable the South African government to locate its citizens in EG in case of emergency and consular assistance.

The information submitted by a South African citizen via the Rosa online registration form may be used by the Department of international relations and cooperation:
To contact South African citizens and their families: for any other reasonable purpose, as may be deemed appropriate.

To ensure the protection and well –being of South African citizens abroad and in order to provide them with the necessary assistance, and with due regard to any South African citizen’s right to privacy pursuant to South African law.
For Registration of South Africans abroad _ ROSA

Please click HERE to register

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