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Thank you  Patrick (Mamushiana)  for that kind introduction

Dear Colleagues

Families of the Officials of the South African Embassy in Malabo
We don’t get to see you often and to appreciate the power and back-up behind the excellent workers we have in our embassy.  

Thank you very much for joining us on this day to celebrate the National Heritage Day of South Africa

Today is one of those day in which we feel privileged to be honoured by your presence in our midst.

A special word of welcome to children, who have joined us today, to share with us the beauty and the glory of this, South Africa’s National Day.  May you equally embrace the importance of this day.

Today, South Africans will all over the world, wherever they are, gather to celebrate this day in style.

It has now become a tradition for South Africans to do this on the National Heritage Day. Under the theme; United in our diversity, We share one unique, national culture!!!

South Africa is a multicultural and a multilingual society that has many cultural groupings that make up what has become known, in the words of one of the most illustrious South Africans,  his most Reverend, Archbishop Tutu the ,‘Rainbow Nation’. The Arch has now become the main proponent of the National Braai Campaign on this day in South Africa. An event that unites South Africans from all walks of life.

The South African Embassy in Malabo has decided to celebrate this event in keeping with the tradition with a Braai for its staff and their immediate families. This is indeed a special day for us as South African Diplomats and as a Nation as a whole.

On this day, our people in South Africa, throughout the length and breadth of country, will celebrate this day at their homes, parks, open fields and roadsides with get togethers, and also will do so with public celebrations of music, song, dance, dress and many other ceremonies of the diverse nationalities and nations that make up the South African Nation. They Will Celebrate The Pride in Being Who We Are, One Nation, All South Africans!!! 

Thank you for joining us again.

Happy Heritage Day!!!!

Embrace this Day & Enjoy Yourselves, Today!!!!

Thank you.


H.E. Amb P.A.Sifuba
Head of Mission
Malabo Embassy
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