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The Director-General of the Department of Home Affairs invites any person who, prior to the coming into operation of the Immigration Amendment Act, 2011 on 26 May 2014, paid deposit as a guarantee of the return to his or her country origin, to approach, within a period up to 28 February 2015, any South African Mission in his or her country of origin for a refund of his or her deposit.

The Department of Home Affairs' Offices within the Republic may issue refunds only in exceptional circumstances where a person has acquired permanent residence permit or has changed his or her status in the Republic prior to 26 May 2014.

Failure to claim a refund by 28 February 2015 will result in the deposit forfeited to the State as unclaimed.

Please also note that anyone who had overstayed his or her permit shall not qualify for a refund, as he or she would have violated the terms and conditions of his or her temporary residence permit

Postponement of the requirements unabridged birth certificates and written permission to June  2015

The requirements (of a child’s unabridged birth certificate and written permission from parents) for the admission and departure of children in terms of section 9 of the Immigration Act, as amended, read with Immigration Regulation 6(12) will only come into operation on 1 June 2015.


Please be informed that the Department of Home Affairs will no longer issue temporary passports as from 1 September 2014. A temporary passport was initially issued as an interim travel document due to longer turn-around times taken to issue tourist passports which are valid for ten (10) years. This turn-around time has improved drastically rendering issuance of temporary passports redundant. Furthermore, South African temporary passports have been abused for corruption purposes and these threat remains, which puts South Africa at risk of her travel documents being unreliable and not trustworthy – the elimination of temporary passports aims to also remove this risk.
Ms. TSD Nxumalo Consul-General
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