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The South African Consulate-General in Munich is accredited to two German States (Provinces):
  1. Bavaria (capital: Munich) and
  2. Baden-Württemberg (capital: Stuttgart).
Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are two of the wealthiest regions in Germany and have the largest export aggregate exponents, with Baden-Württemberg leading. Both states are critical and strategic partners for South Africa as they amass jointly, the highest concentration of multinational corporations and businesses found in South Africa, contributing fundamentally to business–to–business relations. Both Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are home to a strong base of small and medium-sized businesses in industry, trades and the service sectors offering optimal endowment in the fields of transportation, logistics, telecommunications and energy.

Key Regional Partnerships with South African Provinces
Several German Federal States have established close contacts and partnerships with South African provinces and conduct their own development cooperation and economic cooperation projects there, e.g. Bavaria with Gauteng and Western Cape as well as Baden-Württemberg with KwaZulu-Natal.
  • Twinning Agreement between the Free State of Bavaria and the Gauteng Provincial Government
  • Twinning Agreement between the Free State of Bavaria and the Western Cape Provincial Government
  • Twinning Agreement between the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg and the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government
GM Monyemangene Consul General
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