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Voting Abroad in the 2019 National Elections – 27 April 2019 [PDF]

Date of this Communique: 26 February 2019

1. In order to vote at a the South African Embassy on 27 April 2019 the following is required –

a. A person needs to be registered to vote, and
b. Registered voters need to complete an online VEC10 template on www.elections.org.za which will be available until 13 March 2019.

2. Request to vote abroad by completing the online request form - https://www.elections.org.za/IECOnline/Notify-the-IEC-of-my-intention-to-vote-abroad

3. VEC10 will be available until 13 March 2019.  If you have not requested to vote abroad before this closing date you will not be able to vote at the Embassy on 27 April 2019.

4. Print your VEC10 application by clicking on the “View Your Receipt”.  Please send this receipt to the South African Embassy (broodrykm@dirco.gov.za and oslo.consular@dirco.gov.za) in order to notify the Embassy of your intention to vote on 27 April 2019 and to allow the Embassy to verify that you have been included on the interim voters roll.

5. Voting abroad is scheduled for Saturday 27 April 2019
On voting day abroad, voters will need to take their South African identity document (ID) – either a green barcoded ID book, smart ID card or valid temporary ID certificate AND their valid South African passport to the same mission mentioned in their online VEC10 template. Voting hours are from 7:00 to 21:00.


Independent Electoral Commission

Communique 01

Out of country registration

14 March 2018

Registration out of country will take place at all Embassies, Consulates-General and High Commissions as designated on the DIRCO website.

Citizens can check whether they are registered on the voters’ roll via the website of the Electoral Commission (EC) at www.elections.org.za.

If registered inside South Africa then it is not necessary to register again abroad.

In order to be eligible to vote abroad, the voter will have to inform the Chief Electoral Officer via the completion of an online VEC10 of their intention to vote outside of the country. The online VEC10 will only be available on the website at www.elections.org.za from the date that the NPE2019 election is proclaimed, for a 15 day period.

Requirement for Registration

A comprehensive registration manual outlining out of country registration procedures which includes all the required forms will be made available.  DIRCO staff will assist voters with the following and forward the documentation for processing.

In short, the following are needed for the voter to register abroad:  

  • An ID document or Smart ID card or Valid Temporary ID Certificate (TIC) 
  • A valid passport.
  • Apply to register in person at an Embassy, Consulate-General or High Commission
  • Applicant to complete a REC1/OC form.

Role of the missions abroad:

  • DIRCO staff to photocopy page 1 of the ID document/Smart ID Card.
  • Once completed, the REC1 /OC must be scanned together with the copy of the ID.
  • Scanned copies of the REC1/OC and ID copy  must be emailed to
  • registrationoc@elections.org.za and also couriered (see note below in red) to the Electoral Commission at:

Election House
Riverside Office Park
1303 Heuwel Avenue

Attention: Mr Brian Heuvel

The period for registration abroad/out of country is open until the proclamation of the NPE 2019 election. There may be a registration weekend that will be announced for South African citizens abroad.

Please note that the original REC1/OC and copy of ID must be kept at the mission for safekeeping until couriers have been appointed by the Electoral Commission.

On the REC1/OC form, bottom left corner, mission transferred staff member must check the passport for validity and check the box; check the form for completeness (quality assure) with signature and provide official’s ID number.

It is not necessary to complete the Voting District at the bottom right of the form.

Complete the date of registration on the bottom right of the form.

Republic of South Africa: General administrative issues

Foreigners subject to South African visa control who wish to visit the RSA for holiday, business or transit purposes must be in possession of valid and acceptable passports/travel documents and visas. Visas must be obtained at the South African Embassy abroad prior to travel to South Africa.

New requirements to travel with minors.
Kindly be informed that the implementation of Immigration Directive No. 11 of 2014: Children traveling without unabridged Birth Certificate that was to come into effect from 1 October 2014, has now been postponed to 01 June 2015.

New requirements to travel with minor children: Norwegians are exempted for 90 days to visit SA, however if you travel with children under 18 yrs old, you are required to have an original signed consent letter from the parent not traveling with the child and an original signed "Parental Consent Affidavit ".  Please obtain the "Parental Consent Affidavit" from the Embassy, complete it with black pen by both parents, and the form must be signed in the presence of the Embassy or local police station and then stamped.  In addition to the original consent letter from the parent(s) or legal guardian the "Parental Consent Affidavit" must be presented to Immigration Officers when entering South Africa.  Please make sure that the unabridged birth certificate is the international format, all NON South African docs, e.g. Passports or birth certificate must have certified copy from the local police – if you wish to go to the Embassy to get the stamp, please make an appointment beforehand by email to :
Oslo.reception@dirco.gov.za or Oslo.consular@dirco.gov.za


For verified South African documents or Commissioner of Oaths please make an appointment beforehand by email to : Oslo.reception@dirco.gov.za or Oslo.consular@dirco.gov.za

Consular Section is opened for public as follows:
For submission SA docs and Visa : Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 12:00
For visa / passport collection       :  Friday from 09:00 to 12:00



Please contact the Consular section to obtain visa application forms and other requirements at: oslo.consular@dirco.gov.za

Tariffs for payments of Consular fees

Visitor's Visa
Tourism/Sec 11(2)/Conference Purposes/

NOK 455

5 working days processing time

Visitor's Visa
Sec 11 (2) for the Film Industry

NOK 455

5 working days processing time

Visitor's Visa –
Internship/ Researcher/ Volunteer/
Practical Trainee

NOK 455

8 weeks processing time

Study Visa

NOK 455

8 weeks processing time

Work Visa*

NOK 1671

8 weeks processing time

Retired Persons Visa

NOK 455

8 weeks processing time

Relatives Visa

NOK 455

8 weeks processing time

* Relatives Visa is issued Free of Charge to SA Spouses and dependents
Please note that during the high season (June-August & November-January), the processing of applications may take longer.

Bank information for payment of Consular fees; 

DNB Bank
Account: South African Embassy
ACC: 1503 15 38189

HE Ms Selaelo Ramokgopa
Head of Mission
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