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Hello, Lotjhani, Molo, Sawubona, Dumela, Avuxeni, Ndaa, and welcome to the website of the South African High Commission in Singapore.

The South Africa of today reflects our past, moving from the horrors of apartheid, oppression and our liberation struggle, to the uniquely vibrant, exciting, and stimulating present. Singapore was amongst those countries opposed to apartheid and racism, inspiring us all to greater efforts at understanding and acceptance through Racial Harmony Day.

South Africa is one of the most sophisticated, diverse and promising emerging markets globally. We have a complex and diversified economy, the 53rd most competitive country in the world, and 2nd amongst RICS countries. South Africa has high levels of Intellectual Property protection, at 18th globally, property rights, 20th globally, in the efficiency of the legal framework in challenging and settling disputes, at 13th and 12th respectively.  South Africa is ranked as the leading emerging economy in Africa, and the only African State to be in the top 15 worldwide of the Emerging Markets Opportunity Index at number 14.

Strategically located at the tip of the African continent, South Africa is a key investment location, both for the market opportunities that lie within its borders and as a gateway to the rest of the Continent, a market of almost one billion people. South Africa is the economic powerhouse of Africa and forms part of the BRICS group of countries with Brazil, Russia, India and China. We have a favourable demographic profile and our rapidly expanding middle class has a rising spending power. We have abundant natural resources (including coal, platinum, coal, gold, iron ore, manganese nickel, uranium and chromium) and there is increased attention from international exploration companies, particularly in the oil and gas sector.

South Africa has world-class infrastructure, exciting innovation, research and development capabilities and an established manufacturing base. We are at the forefront of the development and rolling out of new green technologies and industries, creating new and sustainable jobs in the process and reducing environmental impact. Like Singapore, South Africa is a water scarce country, and this offers exciting new opportunities for sectoral investment. We have recently launched One Stop Investment Shops in all the nine Provinces to assist with the provision of strategic guidance, and to reduce regulatory inefficiencies and reduce red tape for all investors.

One of the main reasons for South Africa becoming one of the most popular trade and investment destinations in the world is due to the country ensuring that it can meet specific trade and investment requirements of prospective investors. The introduction of Special Economic Zones to assist investors with all aspects of setting up their operation is a core part of Government policy to encourage commercial activity. These zones provide a special ream of incentives to accelerate growth and return on investment. South Africa's unrivalled scenic beauty and reputation for delivering value-for-money make it an attractive leisure and business travel destination.

South Africa is open for business and continues to provide opportunities for investment in a market that boasts a stable democracy, incredible infrastructure and world class financial systems and services. South Africa is known as the Gateway into Africa not only because of our location on the continent bust also because we are a good starting point for investors looking at African investments. South Africa's membership of the Tripartite Free Trade Area adds to the attractiveness of the African springboard.

South Africa is not only of major interest as a trade and investment destination, but offers incredible value-for-money as a global tourist destination. Our wild life is world renowned, and our Safari packages superb. There are game reserves and potential safaris in all our nine Provinces, each with its own unique jewels to reveal. For those more inclined to beach pursuits, South Africa has some of the very best blue flag beach line in the world, with whale watching opportunities. South Africa is proud to host eight World heritage Sites. There, is UKhahlamba Park, Robben Island, Richtersveld desert, Mapungubwe, the Cape florist is region, Isimangaliso Wetland Park, the Vredefort dome and the "Cradle of Humankind", known for its unique wealth of hominid fossils.

South Africa's cities are as metropolitan as any city in the world. Cape Town is normally ranked in the top ten global destinations. It has Africa's top ranked restaurant and the Zeits Museum of Contemporary African Art, named as the best public building on earth for 2018. Johannesburg, arguably the most vibrant city in the country, host to collected fossils depicting human evolution, the Apartheid Museum and the Constitutional Court. Fast developing Pretoria has the Freedom Park complex and South Africa's seat of government. The bustling Durban Harbour, favoured with incredible weather and uShaka Marine World. Mangaung, aptly called the city of roses, because of their abundance is also known as our judicial capital housing the Supreme Court. These are just some of our great city highlights.

South Africa has some of the world's best produce; our fish, seafood and meats, including ostrich and our venison, are delicious, while our fruits and fruit juices are globally known, as are our vegetables and spices. There are 200 wine cellars around Cape Town; but there are emerging cultivars in KwaZulu Natal as well. You have probably eaten or drunk many South African products already; our food and beverage trade with Singapore remains strong as a result of Singapore's recognition of the quality and availability of these products
Getting to, and enjoying, South Africa has never been easier. Already many Singaporeans have seen the attraction of South Africa; preliminary figures show that there has already this year been an increase of almost 12% in terms of Singaporean arrivals in South Africa.

I would encourage you to visit South Africa for business or tourism or both, and we will happily welcome you to our rainbow nation.

Yours sincerely,
Modise Casalis Mokitlane
High Commissioner

HE Mr MC Mokitlane
Head of Mission

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