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25 MAY 2018

Message from High Commissioner Mokitlane on Africa Day

Happy Africa Day to all our African brothers and Sisters in Africa and in the diaspora!

Today marks the annual Commemoration of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) in 1963 that is now known as the African Union. This month of May is dedicated to celebrating Africa’s rich and diverse history of our continent and its people.

Africa Day brings us together to forge unity, join hands with one another towards developing our Continent and also helping us understand our African roots both in the Continent and in the diaspora.

South Africa plays an active role in the organisation as an integral part of the African Continent. Our Country’s national interest is intrinsically linked to the stability, unity and the prosperity of Africa.

This year’s Africa Day coincides with the centenary birth of our first democratically elected President Nelson Mandela and also our freedom path finder Mrs Albertina Sisulu. South African High Commission in Singapore will have a series of events this year to celebrate the lives and the legacies of our heroes. The series of events that we will be having, will act as a constant reminder off the unwavering commitment to justice, equality and a non-racial South Africa.

We should always strive for a better nation built on values of democracy, freedom and equality and we also believe that regional integration will help the Continent to overcome developmental challenges and achieve a sustainable growth and that peace should be central to a prosperous Africa.

Let us join our hands in Celebrating Africa and know that when Africa prospers we all benefit.

Thank you

South African High Commission


MARCH 2018

Remarks by High Commissioner Modise Casalis Mokitlane during celebration of bilateral cooperation

22nd March 2018

Your Excellency's, High Commissioners and Ambassadors of our great Continent, Africa

High Commissioner Chua and our colleagues from the Singaporean Ministry's of Foreign Affairs and of Trade and Industry

Friends of the African Continent,

In the old days of diplomacy, I am told, upon being credentialed, High Commissioners and Ambassadors would invite a large crowd to the Residence for a glass of wine to toast the presentation of credentials.

In these fast-paced, modern times, where we all have so much pressure to achieve our outcomes and fulfil KPIs, we thought that a dinner to celebrate our bilateral relations, where we could discuss important international and national developments that affect the peace, security, development and advancement of all our peoples, would be a more suitable approach for the busy persons at this event.

Thus, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to this dinner in celebration of our bilateral cooperation. Although this dinner is hosted in March 2018, we know that this is a result of the unusual calendar that we experience between November and March: Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year all took us away from our work, but we are now fully into the sweep of the work of this new year, and we see ourselves facing many new challenges. These challenges include Brexit, protectionism, terrorism, and climate change, and our leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to globalisation, sustainable development and cooperation to address these challenges.

This is my first official dinner in Singapore, and I feel that this is a suitable opportunity for me to express my appreciation for the extensive work that has been done by all the people represented here in improving our relations, and providing for the development of our peoples and countries. I salute you for the work that Your Excellency's and our Singaporean partners have done over the years prior to my arrival in Singapore. I appreciate this, and pledge to continue to work together with my African Brothers and Sisters, as well as my new Singaporean Brothers and Sisters, to achieve the objectives of our Continents and our countries.

I wish to thank all my fellow African High Commissioners and Ambassadors for welcoming me so warmly to Singapore, and for making the time to meet with me during my courtesy calls. I have learned a great deal from you.

There are so many Singaporean partners that I wish to meet, new friends to make, that I am slowly getting around to them all. The Singaporean Ministry's have been especially warm and helpful, and I am sure we will continue to work together to achieve all our aims. Mr Tan, I wish to say a particular thank you to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for easing my transition into Singapore.

I do not wish to delay the very important discussions, nor defer the serving of the fantastic meal prepared for us, so, with no more ado I would like to propose a toast to bilateral cooperation.

"To bilateral cooperation!"

Thank you and enjoy the dinner and especially the conversation.

C/o South African High commission Singapore
331 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188720


Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot Court Competition

Students from all over the world have been invited by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations and the Centre for Human Rights of the University of Pretoria to participate in the Competition.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate students will prepare and submit legal arguments for the opposing sides. These arguments will cover some of the most burning Human Rights issues of the day. The teams that are selected will then present their oral arguments in the Human Rights Council Chamber.  The case will be heard by eminent international jurists, including judges from international tribunals.

Full details of the 2018 event, as well as events from previous years, including the winning, written submissions can be found at This website contains invitations, the registration requirements, and documentation, including background on the hypothetical case.

Ms MC Lobe
Head of Mission

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