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A foreigner, who intends to immigrate to the Republic of South Africa, may apply for a permanent residence permit. The Republic of South Africa can however, only accommodate a certain number of immigrants. There are valid reasons for this. In the first instance the country has a vast reserve of unskilled and semi-skilled workers who are entitled to employment opportunities and to an economically viable lifestyle for themselves and their families. For this reason no one in the unskilled and semi-skilled categories will normally be accepted as an immigrant worker.

Because of the considerable need for the creation of job opportunities for South African citizens and permanent residents, as well as for their training and development, it will be understood and appreciated that the Republic of South Africa cannot afford to grant permanent residence permits to persons who are not seriously committed to settle in the country permanently and to investing their skills, assets, knowledge and experience for the benefit of themselves and the people of the Republic of South Africa. One of the most important aspects of immigration control is therefore that a visible connection be maintained between foreigners working in the country and the training of South African nationals. A permanent residence permit for the Republic of South Africa can only be issued upon application from a foreigner, and such an application can only be considered if the applicant qualifies for either direct residence or qualifies for residence on other grounds.

A permanent residence permit shall be issued on condition that the applicant is neither a prohibited person nor undesirable person, in terms of the Immigration Act as amended. In the interest of good and proper administration, control, management, law enforcement etc, the Department of Home Affairs may attach reasonable individual terms and conditions to a permanent residence permit. The holder of a permanent residence permit has all the rights, privileges, duties and obligations of a citizen, save for those rights, privileges, duties and obligations, which a law or the Constitution explicitly ascribes to citizenship. For more information:
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